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Cost-Effective Wall Graphics Bring Fun, Color, and Key Messaging to Orange County Offices!

More and more national and multi-national companies invest in cost-effective office wall graphics in Orange County, CA. What do these businesses know that you may still need to find out? Your wall wrap questions – answered!

Engage the Consumer in Your Brand Conversation at Every Turn

Wall Graphics in Orange County CA

Signage is a premier branding tool. In addition to printed advertisements and customer education materials, signs have the power to engage the visitor to your office in the ongoing brand conversation. In the past, there was a heavy emphasis on creating a brand-centric lobby and leaving the rest of the office walls bare.

This understanding is now outdated. Instead, business owners are looking to take advantage of bare walls that feature floor to ceiling expressions of their branding. These can be images of famous characters, quotes, or other pictures and words with a direct brand appeal.

Bring Fun to the Office Space

Cost Effective Office Wall Graphics in Orange County CA

Did you know that wall graphics purely for the enjoyment of workers and customers are quickly catching on? Advertising experts now look for ways to imbue a space with entertainment and fun, which is another type of brand expression. In many cases, fun graphics can present with a deeper meaning, which is perfect when you want to create subtle “buy me” messages and sprinkle them around the office.

Add Cost-Effective Signage That is Sure to Catch the Attention of Visitors

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You do not have to spend a mint to transform the look and feel of your office space. Instead of investing in multiple coats of paint, our sign shop will design, produce, and install a floor to ceiling mural or wall wrap. Another option is the design of custom wallpaper. Clients have done very well with subliminal logo displays and layered color schemes that underscore your corporate palette.

Bring Splashes of Color to Office Spaces with Bright, Bold Tones

Motivational Vinyl Wall Quotes in Orange County CA

Sometimes, you need a little extra color. Maybe your copy room, file space, or employee lounge looks drab. You have tried to dress up office spaces with posters and calendars. However, they failed in turning the room’s ambiance around. We routinely work with clients who want to install long-wall wraps and graphics products that combine color play with word wall functionality.

Focus Customer Attention on Key Messaging Terms

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Most brand messages revolve around two or three central terms. These terms serve to flesh out ideas and ideals. You might focus on them in your employee manual and your online presence. Remember to bring this focus to your office space, too. With colorful graphics that feature unique quotes and descriptions drawing attention to these terms, you help the customer buy into your brand message.

How to Buy Cost-Effective Office Wall Graphics in Orange County, CA

Cost-effective wall graphics and wraps bring fun, color, and key messaging to any office in the OC. There is frequently no need to invest in expensive wall art to add splashes of color with a strong brand meaning. When you connect with our sign shop, we can show you how to take specific images and transform them into excellent brand messages. Call us or reach out online to learn more about your options!

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