ADA and Braille Signs

ADA and Braille Signs are a necessity for businesses to adhere to the American Disabled Act, providing proper access to disabled and handicapped individuals in public spaces. To protect individuals there are codes written for the design, fabrication, and placement of interior and exterior signage outlined in detail under the 2010 ADA Standards for California. Request a copy of the code here.

For your information, the codes for sign design cover such items as the need for contrasting colors, font style for text, bead sizing for braille dots, height and thickness of base materials, lettering & pictograms, non-glare material specifications, guidance for non-gender bathroom signs, and exact placement requirements when installing the signs onto walls and adjacent to doors. Accessible parking sign design and placement are also covered in detail.

ADA Braille signs are required for designated permanent rooms and spaces that have access to the public, such as restrooms, service rooms, room numbers, evacuation exit routes, etc. Signs that do not need to be ADA Braille are signs that are for visual purposes only, such as directories, directional and overhead signs.

Signs that need to meet ADA compliance are open to inspection by a Fire Marshal. Signs in public spaces such as restaurants, hospitals, city offices, and even exterior parking signs are mandatory for inspection.

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