Storefront signs are the backbone of retail businesses nationwide. These are the signs that hang on the wall outside with the company’s name and logo. It’s important to have a high-quality sign because it reflects your company brand and image. Whether customers are walking or driving by, these signs need to be simple and designed to last.

Our design team will work with you to create the most effective sign possible. It is important to get the proportions correct so it looks right on the building wall. Small signs are hard to read. Large signs can look funny and cast the wrong message. Depending on local zoning restrictions, storefront signs can be made of plywood, painted glass, metal, or fabric.

City restrictions can impact the type of sign you can use. However, our expert team knows which signs are best for any situation. Signs can be made of aluminum, wood, foam, or acrylic materials, but not just any material is best. We can work directly with your Property Management on your signage lease allowance to design the most effective and visible sign that maximizes your sign space. Nearly always illuminated with internally mounted LEDs, design options are available to maximize your sign space with a sign that represents your brand and packs a punch.


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Molly storefront sign by caliber