Indoor signs are often a continuation of your outdoor signage. Creating a high-powered, first impression can be the difference between making a sale, getting a new client or losing the opportunity altogether.

Three Ways Indoor Signage Can Work For You

  1. Make a great first impression
  2. Effectively communicate with prospects and customers
  3. Make the workplace easier and more enjoyable for employees.

Types of Interior Signs for Your Business:

There are several types of indoor signs to help you display your brand in a unique manner. Depending on your specific requirements and the cost of interior signs, we can help you choose a suitable indoor sign. Some of the commonly used interior signs include:

Suite Signs

Caliber Signs Irvine Suite Sign

We offer custom made signs for any type of business or office environment. We can customize your sign graphic to suite your branding requirements, as well as make them to ADA and Braille requirements.

Interior, Office, Acrylic, Name Signs

Lobby Signs

Lobby Sign IFA Taxes Irvine CA Caliber Signs and Imaging WEB

Good lobby signage can make a huge first impression on customers as they walk into your reception area or trade counter. Materials are available in acrylic, foam, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, and even electrical illumination is possible for a truly high-end professional-looking sign.

Interior, Entrance, Reception, Acrylic, Logos, and Business Signs

ADA and Braille Signs

Exit Route Sign Irvine CA Caliber Signs and Imaging WEB

ADA & Braille signs offer raised text and graphics with braille to assist people with disabilities. Buildings need to comply with the Americans Disabilities Act for signs such as restrooms, room or suite numbers, and directional, and information signage.

Door, Suite, Restrooms, Office, Exit, Architectural Signage


Walls Murals

Caliber Signs Irvine Office Signs

Wall Graphics and Wall Wraps are available from poster size to Murals in large format sizes. Think big for wall graphics, where the image communicates your message visually, impacting the customer emotionally.

Wall murals, wallpaper, Wall wrap, Printed wall graphics

Window Vinyl

Caliber Signs Irvine Wall Murals Window Wraps

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials used by sign makers these days. It is valued for its versatility, affordability, and durability. Additionally, with the help of our large format digital printer, we can produce any colors you want. Exact color matching is a must if you want to keep your branding consistent.

Frosted Glass

Caliber Signs Irvine Wall Murals Window Wraps

Frosted glass vinyl graphics create an etched glass effect that can be very distinctive. To ensure privacy of conference rooms, frosted glass vinyl film is opaque and limits the amount of light that can shine through.

Canvas Prints

Caliber Signs Irvine Fine Art Posters

These are customized digital prints on a canvas material. You may use images directly from your camera or stock photography.

Canvas Prints, Wall Pictures, Posters

Directory Signs

directory signageDirectory Signs are used in large company offices, high rise office buildings with multiple tenants, convention halls, churches, schools, hotels, and many other locations.

Office, Entrance, Lobby, Multi-Tenant and Menu Board Signs

Back-Lit Displays


Clear Backlit Graphic Illuminators set the industry standard, and are offered in models to suit every purpose. Backlit Displays give dramatic impact to your presentations and advertising sponsorship campaigns.

Trade-Show Displays, Score-Boards, Bus Shelter, Indoor Lighted, Cabinet Signs

Benefits of Getting Interior Office Signs

Most business owners in Orange County are not aware of the numerous benefits of well-designed interior signage. Some of the key benefits are:

In-house Advertisement

Indoor signs are an effective and affordable method of in-house advertisement. Using these signs, you can draw your visiting customers’ attention toward new product launches or special promotions. These signs help keep your customers engaged with your brand.

Attractive Decor

Aesthetically appealing interior business signs can set the right mood for everyone on the premises. Placing eye-catching and elegantly designed signs in the workplace can create a positive environment for anyone entering your office. It also helps create a professional outlook for your brand, which will positively impact your corporate image. Using motivational or teamwork-promoting signs can help increase your employee productivity.

Seasonal Feel

Indoor signs can be replaced and reused as per your liking. Whether you wish to change them according to the ongoing promotional campaigns or holidays and seasons, these signs will help you create a dynamic and seasonal feel in the organization. Special festive offers and discounts can be displayed and changed regularly to attract new customers.

Helps With Branding

The first thing a customer sees when visiting your office is indoor signage. Custom indoor signs can create a positive first impression especially if new visitors visit your organization regularly. Signs near the entrance, such as in the reception area or lobby represent your brand and its character. So, strategic placement of these signs can be effectively used as an interior branding technique to create a positive brand image.

Display Key Messages and Directions

Indoor signs can be successfully used to communicate with your visitors and customers. You can use core values signs or mission statement signs to connect with your potential buyers and existing customers. This way your customers will relate more to your brand and understand its value proposition.

Other than glorifying the brand’s values, indoor signs are the most effective way of helping people navigate your organization. Directional signs make it easier for people to find places in your organization conveniently.

Indoor Sign Company In Orange County That You Can Trust

As a full-service signs and graphics company, we are committed to designing and delivering only the best for all our clients. No other signage company in Orange County puts the same amount of effort and dedication to create high-quality customized indoor signs as we do.

When you trust us with your signage project, you get professional service with personalized solutions that display your brand in the best way possible. No matter the size of your organization, we are here to help and fulfill all your signage needs. If you’re looking for a reliable signage company in Orange County, get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any signs used inside a building or other enclosed area are considered interior signs. They all contribute to making the environment more organized in different ways. Signs inside your establishment help visitors find their way around. In addition, they serve as a means of delivery for information and advertising. There are various interior sign types, depending on your needs. 

Your indoor signs are one way to leave a good first impression on your visitors. Any business should have indoor signs because they help tell the company’s story. They transmit subliminal messages that enhance customer relationships. They can also increase productivity and worker satisfaction. 

There are many interior sign options available. Each sign has a specific function for your company. Customer direction is aided by wayfinding signs. Signs in the lobby welcome customers to your business. Wall murals and graphics are employed in branding, advertising, and interior design. ADA signs guarantee that your company abides by ADA rules. 

Numerous materials can be used to create indoor signs. The type of sign you need and the appearance you want will influence the material you choose. For instance, acrylic, metal, wood, vinyl, foam core, and other materials can be used to create lobby signs, wayfinding signs, and door signs. 

The type, size, and design all affect how long it takes to complete an indoor sign. The turnaround time will increase as the design’s size and complexity increase. Please get in touch with us to find out more about these signs. 

You should look for a sign company that is customer-focused, uses high-quality materials, offers a variety of sign options, has a team of experienced staff, is knowledgeable about permits and ordinances, and offers installation and maintenance services when choosing one for your design. 

Since most indoor signs are made of metal or acrylic, they are typically durable. Your sign’s durability is influenced by the components used, where it is placed, and how well it is maintained. 

There are several ways to tell that a sign has a good design. First, it has a simple design, the colors used are effective for it to stand out, it has the right size for its target installation location, has a unique shape, it is engaging, has the right balance between text and graphics, and many others. To make sure that your signage is designed properly, contact us today and our experts will gladly assist you. 

The price of custom signs is influenced by many different things. These include the sign’s design, scale, construction, and lighting options. A custom sign may cost several hundred to several thousand dollars. There is undoubtedly a sign that fits your budget, no matter what your signage requirements are. Contact us right away for a cost-free estimate. 

It’s been said that your store’s exterior signs draw customers in, but it’s up to your interior displays to win their loyalty. Interior displays may also include signs, cardboard cutouts, and other comparable components. In addition to boosting sales, these interior displays may increase customer satisfaction while also enhancing the store’s appearance.