Office Signs

door-wrapCaliber-Signs-Irvine-Office-Signs-7Office signs are typically signs that enhance the look of the office. They might be motivational statements, canvas prints, murals, door wraps, or even white boards. You can have fun with adding signage to the offices and use your imagination to increase the quality of your employee’s time and hence their productivity. Employees offices’ may even be personalized. All types of signs are temporary. When it is time to remove them, the walls are easily repaired to bring it back to the original condition. Office signs are made from an array of materials including print vinyl, textured wall paper, acrylic, aluminum or PVC.

Lobby signs are made using an array of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, high-density urethane, bronze, and acrylic. The target image a business is aiming to project will dictate which materials are best. In addition, electrical illumination is also possible for a truly high-end professional looking lobby sign.

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