Lobby Logo Signs in Orange County CA
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Monument, Building, and Lobby Signs Updated After Logo Change for Lee & Associates in Orange CA!

Located at 1004 West Taft Avenue, Lee & Associates serves the commercial real estate user, owner, and developer. In business since 1979, this firm has built a reputation for high ethics, superior customer service, and optimized results.…
Illuminated Branded Signs in Irvine CA
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Custom Channel Letters, Illuminated and Branded Signs in Irvine CA!

Orgain is the result of a man’s journey from cancer recovery to nutritional advocacy. The company’s founder determined that the artificial and modified ingredients in so-called nutrition shakes were not as healthy as they claimed. After…
LED Office sign with electrical supply in Tustin CA
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LED Office Sign with Electrical Supply Brands Financial Firm in Tustin CA!

Located at 17822 East 17th Street, Warren Street Wealth Advisors, LLC empowers individuals to meet their future financial goals. Experts do so through the creation of a strong economic base and aggressive net worth protection. When this firm…
Edge Lit Lobby Sign in Irvine CA
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Edge Lit Lobby Signs: A Unique Way to Show Your Name in Lights in Irvine CA!

Premium lobby signs take your brand message beyond the three-dimensional letter presentation or logo board. These products signal to the consumer that you are an innovator and thought leader in your niche. Because they stand out significantly,…
Monument Sign Refurbishment in Irvine CA
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Monument Sign Refurbishment Illuminates IBC Medial Plaza in Irvine CA!

Located at 2500 Alton Parkway, the IBC Medical Plaza is home to several high-profile healthcare providers. In the past, the facility’s management company had commissioned a standard property identity monument sign. It served its purpose but…
Cabinet Monument Sign in Costa Mesa CA
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Lighthouse Community Church Rebrands and Adds New Cabinet Monument Sign in Costa Mesa CA

You'll find the Lighthouse Community Church at 301 Magnolia Street. Its focus is on serving the community and connecting members via life groups. Just recently, the church decided to rebrand. All entities interacting with the public undergo…
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10 Tips for buying a Building Sign

 There are many steps in a process to consider when buying a building sign, too many for a single article. Last month, we covered in detail the first 5 Tips and we here include the remaining 5 Tips in Part 2 of the article.6. …
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Top 10 Tips For Buying a Building Sign

10 Tips for buying a Building SignThere are many steps in a process to consider when buying a building sign like LED Illuminated signs, channel letters, building signs and commercial business signs. Check out Part 1 of this series where…
Metal sign letters, irvine ca
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10 Tips For Buying a Lobby Sign

It is an understandable situation to be in; you’ve been assigned by your boss to find a sign company and buy a lobby sign but you don’t know where to start. Along with not knowing what questions to ask you will rely on guidance through the…
Martin Neil Receives Best Installation Award

Caliber Signs Win SIGNWORLD's Best Installation of 2017 Award

In today’s visual world, companies need to incorporate all aspects of brand imaging, one of which includes being innovative with custom signage and wraps. The following is an example of one of our innovative installations that won…

Custom Vehicle Wrap & Design for Pristine Plumbing

Advertising is a big deal when it comes to getting your brand out there. When you have a company vehicle that is on the road for most of the day you might as well get it wrapped! Talk about a moving billboard with your name on it! Pristine…

Vintage Vapours New Channel Letters And Blade Sign In Lake Forest

When you have a storefront in a large strip mall, you need to make sure you stand out. You also want to make it easy for customers who have seen your advertisements to find you. The most effective way to do this is with exterior signage. Vintage…