Wall Murals with Motivational Quotes in Irvine CA
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Insert Motivational Quotes from Famous Individuals into Your Wall Murals in Orange County CA!

Office art does not have to be expensive. In addition, dare we say it, it should not be cheesy. Unfortunately, many of the motivational office posters currently on the market fail to imbue your space with the style and pizzazz that your brand…
Box Truck Wraps in Orange County CA
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Advertise Mile After Mile with Box Truck Graphics and Wraps in Orange County!

Vehicle wraps are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after advertising tools in the OC. It helps companies that spend some time on the road or at customers' locations. Best of all, it is an inexpensive opportunity to have a marketing voice…
COVID 19 return to work office signs in Orange County CA

COVID-19 Return to Work Office Signs You'll Need in Orange County CA

Re-opening an office is no small feat. With the governor finally allowing specific industries to once again welcome employees and customers into their offices, it is critical to focus on safe workplace practices. With customized COVID-19 return…
ADA Accessible Parking Signs in Costa Mesa CA

Experian Adds Exterior Directional Signage to Corporate Headquarters in Costa Mesa CA!

When Experian's California headquarters needed Vista office signs in Orange County, our sign shop handled the project. Recently, the company contacted us again to request assistance with the design, production, and installation of exterior directional…
ADA Restroom Signs in Orange County CA 2
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Easy Reference Guide for Interior ADA Signs in Orange County CA

The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design govern a broad range of accommodations that California businesses must make to create inclusive sites. Among them are the design, fabrication, and installation of signage. Because there is much confusion…
ADA Conference Room Signs with Available and Occupied Slider
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ADA Signs with Slider Inserts Can Be Customized for Your Business in Orange County CA!

The Americans with Disabilities Act has stringent signage requirements. They focus on color contrasts, font usage, and display height regulations. Besides that, the Act also determines what types of rooms must feature these specialty signs.…
Personal Foldable Desktop Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

Back to School Means Personal Foldable Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

Back-to-school shopping looks a little different this year. Even though many schools are starting with a virtual classroom setting, others are already planning to bring students back. If you are a parent or school administrator, look at…
Fleet graphics in Orange County CA

Home Services Contractors Advertise All Day Long with Fleet Wraps and Graphics in Orange County CA!

What do Closets by Design and Pacific Coast Termite have in common? They are both Caliber Signs & Imaging Clients. Besides that, they are both home services contractors who are taking advantage of mobile marketing with fleet wraps and graphics…
Vista Office Signs in Orange County CA

The Versatility of Vista Office Signs in Orange County CA!

Our commercial sign company works with a broad range of top material suppliers. Doing so enables us to provide clients with state-of-the-art designs and products. Cases in point are Vista office signs in Orange County, CA. They are among some…
Cut Vinyl Lettering Applied on Low Painted VOC Walls

Do Wall Graphics Work on Low-VOC Painted Walls? Why You Need an Adhesion Test

Have you seen cut vinyl peeling on walls? Have you wondered what is going on with the vinyl products currently in use? In fact, there is nothing wrong with the high-quality vinyl products that most sign shops use. Rather, the problem arises…
Vinyl Wraps for Trailers in Orange County CA
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Saddleback College Uses Mobile Trailer Wrap with Vinyl Graphics to Teach Students in Orange County CA!

Located at 28000 Marguerite Parkway, Saddleback College is part of the South Orange County Community College District. It is one of the largest community colleges in SoCal and serves students of all ages. Its automotive technology program trains…
Interior ADA Signs in Orange County and Irvine CA

Are Your Interior ADA Signs Compliant with California Regulations?

There are specific types of California ADA compliant signs that differ from what business owners in other states have to install. It is fair to say that interior ADA sign compliance in CA requires a firm understanding of federal and state rules…