Lobby Signs - Big Purple Dot - Caliber Signs & ImagingLobby signs, otherwise known as front desk, reception or entrance signs, are truly designed to impress. Lobby signs provide an identity for your company – both for customers that visit your office and for your employees. And as the old cliché says, you are only limited by your imagination to provide a strong brand identity.

By designing visually appealing Lobby Signs, businesses that welcome potential and existing customers to their office have a great opportunity to create a fantastic first impression, right when visitors enter the office. The lobby or reception area is the most important location for your office signage. As such, you can impress clients as soon as they walk in the door.


Lobby Signs - Amazon - Caliber Signs & ImagingCreate a design that represents your brand image, and at the same time, elevate your business’ image with a sign that looks professional and is made of high-quality materials. Finding the right sign company who can offer design capabilities and expertise, combined with a knowledge of materials, is an important first step for any business since the sheer scope of design options is so wide. With Caliber Signs and Imaging, you have an experienced partner at your side when choosing the right Lobby Sign: from planning, through design and manufacturing, to installation.


When planning your Lobby Sign, you have some important considerations such as whether or not the sign logo and letters need to be moved in the future if a move is expected. ManyLobby Signs - Bluecava - Caliber Signs & Imaging types of sign materials cannot be moved without damage, others are well suited to removing and re-installing. Size is an important consideration since it affects the final price. The overall sign size should fit the space well and should be scaled proportionally to something – the wall it sits on, the front desk, or the distance from the wall to the entrance door. Also, consider if the sign is to be illuminated. There must be access to electrical wiring and equipment such as a power supply and switches on the wall behind the sign.


Not sure about the wall size and the sign proportion? To save the time that would be required for a sign company representative to come out to your office, Lobby Signs - Blizzard - Overwatch - Caliber Signs & Imagingtake a photo of the wall – with a sheet of paper 8 1/2” x 11” lightly taped and visible on the wall. Email this to your Caliber Lobby Sign Expert, together with a JPG of your business logo so we can recommend the right Lobby Sign size for you.


  • Vinyl prints of logo and letters
  • Small plastic block letters glued to wall
  • Clear acrylic panel with vinyl logo and letters on front surface
  • Dimensional letters and logo typically ¼” to ½” made from PVC, acrylic, or foam
  • Dimensional letters and logo typically 1”made from acrylic face with foam back
  • Clear acrylic panel with dimensional logo and letters on front surface
  • Dimensional letters and logo typically ¾” and above made from PVC, acrylic, metal
  • Illuminated dimensional logo and letters with or without a backer panel.

Lobby Signs - LED edge-lit - Safran - Caliber Signs & ImagingPOPULAR LOBBY SIGN FINISHES:

  • Face painted – when specific Pantone colors are required to match corporate branding
  • Brushed aluminium/bronze laminate – when a high end metallic look is preferred
  • Back painted – for a glossy and glass style finish
  • Halo lit with LEDs – when you really need a sign to ‘pop’ and make a great impression

Logos that have custom artwork such as color gradients or detail that is too fine to machine are usually digitally printed. We are very experienced with color matching and vinyl applications, as you may have seen on our Vehicle Graphics page.

Lobby Sign - Back Lit - BMS - Caliber Signs & ImagingCONTACT YOUR CALIBER LOBBY SIGN EXPERT TODAY!

If you have read this far, you are probably ready to contact us. Where do you start when planning to add a Lobby Sign? Call us with your questions and we’ll consult, advise and provide an estimate to get your project started. If you need a qualified person to visit you and show product samples, just ask, we would be happy to help!