Outdoor Signs

Make your first impression a high-powered one. Your company sign is often the first impression that potential customers have of your business, so it needs to be distinctive and memorable. Your exterior company graphics are a permanent advertisement creating endless impressions and a perpetual return on investment.

Corporate Signage Applications

Corporate Signage is broadly used by companies for a variety of purposes. From raising brand awareness with a highly visible sign outside of your company’s location to interior signage that creates a strong and consistent corporate identity. Wall murals can change the look of the inside of your company or can feature a motivational message. Electronic displays will allow you to communicate with employees, customers, or prospects, or lobby signs, directories, door signs and simple functional signs to provide location, room names and direction. Depending on your needs, the purpose, design, material and application of the variety of Corporate Signs vary widely to suit every need.

Types of Outdoor Signs:

Building Signs, Non-Lit

Building Signs, Non-Lit

Non-electrical Signs are typically individual letters, or dimensional letters, custom made to suit your corporate company name and logo. Suitable for all types of building exteriors and available in many colors and materials, these signs provide a very professional and distinctive impression.

Building Signs, LED-Lit

building1Illuminated Signs are an effective way to draw attention to your business during the day, and bring new life at night. LED lighting has become more popular than neon. Choices of lighting include front face lit, halo back-lit or a combination of both.

Monument Signs

Monument Sign

Monument Signs are permanently constructed signs that stand out from buildings to increase your location visibility from the roadside and help to provide an instant impact to compliment your building signage. Materials of construction choices include aluminum, stone, wood, metal, or even reinforced foam!

Directory Signs

directory-signsAlso known as Office, Entrance, Lobby, Multi-Tenant and Menu Board Signs, Directory Signs are used in large company offices, high rise office buildings with multiple tenants, convention halls, churches, schools, hotels, and many other locations.

Post/Panel Signs

Commonly used to advertise real estate, post anCaliber Signs Irvine Site Yard Signd panel signs are made of  a medium density overlay (MDO) and applied vinyl graphics. The posts are usually painted four by fours and installed to face passing traffic.

Site and Yard Signs

Caliber Signs Irvine Site SignsSite Signs typically display company information such as advertising lease space for commercial developments, directional and informational signage for new developments, as well as special events.

Yard Signs are typically temporary signs used by contractors while work is in progress. They are an ideal way to advertise and promote your services on site in front of passing traffic and potential future referrals.

Sandblasted Signs

Caliber Signs Irvine Building Signs

Wood, Outdoor, Apartment, Carved and Engraved.
These are the signs of choice when you want to create a natural look. They are a good choice for shops, dental and doctor’s offices, real estate and attorney’s offices. The form of the sign can take on any shape, from a traditional rectangle to even the shape of a graphic itself, and any color or mix of colors is possible. Very popular signs in beach cities.


Caliber Signs Irvine Site SignsOutdoor Plaques are designed to last a lifetime. They are durable, require no maintenance, and can be mounted in such a way that makes them almost theft proof! These are also known as Bronze, Metal, Cast Metal, or Commemoration Signs.

Storefront Signs

Caliber Signs Irvine Building Signs“Hang out your shingle” with a  sign that grabs attention. We can give you insight into the type of sign to choose, whether you need to keep up with the look and feel of your neighborhood or stand out from the crowd. Be sure to check zoning and lease restrictions first.

Window Wraps

window graphicWindow Wraps may be used for interior or exterior use. When used on building or store windows, they also extend the areas of your advertising.