Building Signs, LED-Lit

Stand out!

LED-lit building signs are one of the most effective ways to illuminate your business. Most importantly, LED-lit building signs are easily seen day and night. If your company owns the right to have top of building signage or you want to advertise your brand, you should definitely consider LED-lit building signs.

Illuminated Signs feature LEDs, Neon, or Back-lighting. As a result, they stand out. They are usually installed in the front of your store, as exterior signs, or on top of your building and feature channel letters, dimensional letters, or a lightbox.

Draw attention to your business during the day and bring new life to your business at night. If your business success depends on increasing your brand awareness or being noticed by walk-by or drive-by traffic, an illuminated business sign is a great way to advertise.

Contact Caliber’s signage experts and learn more about how to choose the size and color of your signage and to determine when it makes sense to pay the extra expense for an illuminated sign.

Requirements for Illuminated Signs:

Illuminated Signs require a permit from your city’s Planning and Building Department. As a result, you will need to work with a sign company that has a contractor’s license. Above all, know your rights and ask to see a sign company’s license number to protect your legal lien rights.

Contractors State License Board

Illuminated Sign Design

It is important that exterior building signs are easily visible to potential customers and consistent with your company brand. Choose high-quality materials, so your investment lasts for years.

If you have never ordered a sign before, Caliber’s signage experts can help you through the process and save you time by avoiding misleading quotes.

See Our Illuminated Sign Options & FAQ

Illuminated Sign Quote

To save you time and provide you with an accurate quote, here is a list of things you may need to provide your sign company:

  • Front-on photo with the elevation of the building indicating the intended location of the sign, including height above ground
  • A good resolution file of your logo and letters of the actual sign
  • Full business address, city, and zip code
  • Sign Program from an Association or Property Manager, if any
  • Your preference for style and sign lighting, if any
  • The date you are targeting to have the sign installed

If these are difficult for you to obtain, Contact us for a site survey and free consultation.


Caliber Signs Irvine LED Lit Sign
Caliber Signs Irvine LED Lit Sign