Outdoor Directory Signs are an optimal way to provide location information in large offices, buildings with multiple tenants, conventional halls, churches, schools, hotels, and a variety of other businesses. When your guests enter a large building, the last thing you want is for them to be overwhelmed with finding their way. Caliber Signs and Imaging can install a customized outdoor directory sign in your building entrance or lobby that will provide location information and allow for better customer service.

Best Directory or Menu Board For You

Allow easy navigation of your building using a wayward finding system appropriate for your location. We can make attractive and functional directory signs that complement your building’s theme and decor. Caliber Signs and Imaging uses only high-quality materials and design systems that are easy to upgrade and require little to no maintenance.

Supplying room numbers, current locations, entrance, exits, and restrooms on a directory tailored for your company can prevent the need of directional customer assistance allowing your staff to better perform their jobs. Menu Boards with detailed products and/or pricing can keep your customers a step ahead when purchasing products and services from your business. Whatever type of directory you need, allow Caliber Sign and Imaging to help map out your directory and utilize our knowledgeable staff to design and fabricate exactly what you need. Call today to set up a time for a free estimate!


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