Commercial Decals & Wraps for Cars, Trucks & Van

Vehicle graphics take your marketing message to the streets. Vehicle wraps are fast becoming the most effective way to advertise to the public and reach a wider audience like no other form of advertising. Wraps are the ultimate attention grabber. Use your trucks, cars, courtesy vehicles, shuttle bus, and bus fleets or van fleets as branding tools. Your auto advertising will be literally seen by millions of potential customers every year!

Caliber Signs and Imaging has the right Vehicle Wrap Options to achieve high impact and high quality without high cost for your business!

Durable vehicle graphics are perfect for a single car, trailer, RV, bus, delivery truck or an entire fleet. New innovations in cast vinyl and adhesives provide outstanding application quality. We use only the best materials, including 3M, Avery, and Oracal, and a top-of-the-line printer to ensure full color clarity.

Custom Vehicle Graphics for Business Advertising in Orange County, CA

Vehicle Graphics can be used on virtually any vehicle, including cars, trucks, bikes, and even boats and planes.

Vehicle wraps for cars, SUVs and Bikes turn them into a mobile billboard for your business. A colored film, decal or wrap is custom printed and applied to part or all of your vehicle. Or choose a custom wrap to give your car a custom, high-end look – and you can even remove the film without damaging the paint if needed. With vehicle graphics, your Truck and Trailer can advertise your business wherever you are. Custom truck wraps, custom side panels, vehicle lettering or decals are your best options. Graphics and Wraps can even be applied to each of your work trucks to reach your ideal local audience. Full or partial vehicle wraps and door decals are particular cost-effective vehicle graphics options.

By using vehicle graphics to display your brand on your car, van, truck, bus or fleet, you increase awareness, and make it easy for your customers to find your business.

  • Car and SUV Wraps
  • Box Truck & Trailer Wraps
  • Truck and Pick-up Wraps
  • Bus and Coach Wraps
  • Van Wraps
  • Motorcycles Wraps


Full Vehicle Wrap

vehicle wrapA Full Vehicle Wrap covers your complete vehicle with a custom designed and professionally applied colored film. You choose the look, color, design, graphics, matte or gloss, and optional marketing message and imagery. We deliver the highest quality color matching full vehicle wraps.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

Caliber Signs Irvine Vehicle Lettering LogosA Partial Vehicle Wrap covers only parts of your vehicle. You choose which sides, the back, the windows, etc. It provides you a cost effective option to market your business.

Custom Color Wrap Vehicle Graphics

Caliber Signs Irvine Vehicle WrapsLooking to upgrade the look of your car? Choose something truly unique. Custom color wraps are available in almost unlimited color options and matte or glossy films. We have the experience of working with racing teams to deliver the best, most unique look.

Rear Windows Vehicle Graphics

Caliber Signs Irvine Vehicle WrapsUsing a Window Wrap to advertise your business is a very cost-effective way to find new customers. Perforated films allows you to look through the film from the inside, the outside of your vehicle displays your brand.

Branded Decals Vehicle Graphics

Caliber Signs Irvine Vehicle Lettering LogosIf you are looking to advertise your business without the need to attract everybody’s attention, branded decals with custom designed graphics will do the job. Learn about your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle wraps and graphics can last a long time, but it depends on several factors. This includes the quality of the material used, exposure to external elements, installation process, and more. On average, it can last around 5 years in normal circumstances. Proper care and maintenance of your wraps can extend their lifespan.

The difference between a 1/2, 3/4, and a full wrap lies in the amount of surface area covered by vinyl. 1/2 and 3/4 wraps usually include the entire rear of the vehicle and 1/2 or 3/4 way up the vehicle, respectively. A full wrap covers the entire vehicle, including the roof.

Definitely. Vinyl wraps can be applied to plastic or fiberglass surfaces, provided they are smooth, clean, and not textured. Vinyl tends to lift and not adhere properly to textured surfaces. This makes adding vinyl wraps and graphics on boats, motorcycles, and other fiberglass or plastic items possible.

Yes, you can use your own designs when creating vehicle wraps and graphics! Since these are digitally printed, you can add any type of design you want to your vehicles. However, we have certain guidelines to follow. This ensures your design will work well with your vehicle without compromising its overall look.

No worries! Vehicle wraps and graphics can easily be changed without any issues. They can be safely removed without causing any damage to your vehicle. Once removed, we can apply another set of graphics. This makes it possible to change any information (and even the entire design!) to match your needs.