Commercial Vinyl Truck Wrapping Shop in Orange County

Are you looking to turn your fleet or a single vehicle into a 24/7 advertising tool for your company? Looking for truck wraps near you? Caliber Signs & Imaging in Orange County has you covered.

We use high-quality materials to create astonishing commercial truck wraps that businesses will be happy to receive. As your workers drive them around town, you’ll be making more impressions and those impressions will turn into sales. It’s the right move for any business looking to expand their target audience.

Types of Truck Wraps & Decals

There are a number of different business truck wraps available, such as:

  • Full wraps: Turn the entirety of your truck into a moving billboard, and take advantage of the most effective way to create a high visual impact.
  • Partial wraps: If you don’t want to cover your entire car, consider covering all the doors with a partial wrap. It’ll still make a statement!
  • Spot graphics: If you’re a business looking for the most cost-effective option, spot truck graphics are a great way to save on money while still getting your brand and messaging across. They provide effective branding and visibility by using the doors or tailgate as advertising space.

Vinyl truck wraps are an excellent way to promote your brand on the move. They can be used to advertise products, services, or promotions as they deliver a highly visible and mobile platform that is being seen by a massive audience. Display your logo, tagline, or any other branding elements so people can remember and identify your vehicles as they continue to see them in their region.

Other benefits of truck decals include:

  • Investment with high ROI
  • Long-lasting wraps
  • Customizable
  • Wide reach

As there are many different types and designs available for truck wraps in Orange County, the cost of truck wraps changes depending on the individual needs of every business.

Custom Truck Wraps & Lettering

Ultimately, there are an infinite number of ways to utilize these wraps, but here are some creative examples:

  • Use graffiti wrap if you’re looking to get your clothing brand to the front of people’s minds.
  • Need to invest in a food truck wrap? Use bold colours and fun lettering, and perhaps even throw in a cartoon image of someone eating your most famous and well-known dish on the menu.
  • Corporate businesses looking for something a little more elevated can use geometric shapes and patterns to create a more modern and sophisticated look.

Choose Caliber Signs & Imaging for Truck Wraps in Orange County

When it comes to commercial truck wraps, no one does it quite like the team at Caliber Signs & Imaging. No matter how large or small your project is, we treat it with the utmost care and precision to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Contact us today for your custom truck graphics in Orange County.