Custom Window Decals & Graphics for Business

Do you need to spruce up your storefront window graphics in Orange County? Are you looking for a way to engage with your customers by grabbing their attention? Then the signs are all pointing you toward custom window decals.

If you’re looking for vinyl windows in Orange County LA, turn to Caliber Signs & Imaging. We’re ready to handle all your projects, no matter how large or small. We use high-quality materials and pair that with excellent customer service so that we can create the perfect piece of signage for you, your company, and your storefront window graphics.

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Types of Custom Window Graphics

The great thing about this signage is that there are plenty of different custom decals for windows, to use in Orange County such as:

  • Vinyl Decals: These are commonly used for branding, advertising, or decoration. They are made from a durable vinyl material that is designed to adhere to glass surfaces and can be customized in any shape, size, or colour. These are commonly used for window advertising graphics.
  • Perforated Window Film: Often used for advertising on storefront windows, it allows people outside to see the advertisement, while still allowing those inside to see out.
  • Window Stickers: If you’re not interested in applying vinyl to your whole window, a stickered solution might be the thing for you! This is a great way to incorporate logo window decals into your space.
  • Frosted Window Film or Etched Glass Film: Frosted window film is used for privacy or decoration and is a beloved choice amongst corporate offices. Similarly, etched glass film is a window graphic that also allows for privacy.
  • Static Cling Window Film: These are designed to cling to glass surfaces without the use of adhesives, making them easy to remove or reposition them.

When it comes to clear window decals and any other type of custom window graphics, you can trust Caliber Signs & Imaging to get the job done. We’ll have a consultation with you so we can discuss the cost of window graphics after we learn more about your project.

Uses of Window Graphics

Businesses in Orange County use window decals because there are many benefits and uses in having window decals for businesses, such as:

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Decoration
  • Privacy
  • Safety

Need some ideas for your vinyl window decals? Here are some great ideas:

  • Use interesting fonts or colours to create an attention-grabbing graphic by using a quote.
  • If fonts aren’t your style, use illustrations or cartoons to promote seasonal promotions or services for your retail window graphics.
  • Use high-quality images to create a mural in Orange County that people will ever forget. Use images of nature for calming looks, geometric shapes to get a little unique, or celebrate the holidays with themed graphics.
  • 3D effects can be done with specialized window films to add depth to your design. This can be a great way to utilize a logo on a window.

Storefront Window Graphics & Signs Printing in Orange County

When it comes to window graphics installation in Orange County, turning to Caliber Signs & Imaging in Orange County is always a good choice. We make sure to take every business window graphic project we get serious and take the time to understand what you want, how we can help your business, and create a print that speaks to your brand.
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