Full Vehicle Wraps

Full Vehicle Wraps are the ultimate attention grabber. By applying a custom design and marketing message to your trucks, cars, courtesy vehicles, shuttle-bus, and bus- or van-fleets they become branding tools. You increase awareness for your business as your vehicles will be seen by millions of potential customers every year for a very low per impression cost!

Caliber Signs and Imaging is a professional company that specializes in working with businesses through the complete process of vehicle wrapping. From planning the design to selecting the message,  matching your brand colors, and applying the wrap (our installers are 3M and PDAA approved), we have you covered.


A full wrap is a colored film that covers your complete vehicle (car, van, bus, truck, bike, trailer, boat, or plane). It is custom-designed based on your needs. Vehicle wraps can be almost any color, the custom print allows your creativity free reign, and any marketing message and imagery can be incorporated. You can choose glossy or matte films to suit your preference. After print, the film is custom applied to your vehicle of choice, with a special application method and lamination process. Our high-quality films – we only use films supplied by the industry-leading manufacturers – are long-lasting and removable if necessary without damage to your vehicle or fleet.


Businesses that want to make a strong impression on potential new customers can build brand awareness quickly. Satisfied Caliber SI customers include restaurants, franchises, service businesses, hotels, manufacturers, realtors, doctors, cab-companies, healthcare offices & companies, and contractors. Whatever business you are in, we have the experience to help you market your business successfully.


Full Vehicle Wraps will increase awareness for your business or company and reach your ideal local audience. We use an advanced print process, delivering the best results only achieved by the highest quality film print systems. Our designers provide you with a rendering during the design phase, so you know how your vehicle will look.

  • Our Caliber color-matching process allows you to accurately meet brand standards.
  • The high-quality film lasts longer and prevents lifting over time, giving you a higher ROI.
  • The advanced lamination process eliminates fading due to UV, eliminates dust and air inclusions.
  • The advanced print system makes high-resolution images possible up to 1440 dpi.

With Caliber SI, you get a full wrap that will display your brand the way you want.


Sign Facts reports in several case studies that mobile advertising leads to an increase of up to 107% in sales. 3M, a prominent manufacturer of wrap material, found that a company spending $3000 on an auto wrap would have needed to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars on other marketing to produce the same effects.

Vehicle wrapping is just as effective for smaller businesses that wrap one vehicle as it is for a large business with a fleet of vehicles. Caliber Signs and Imaging is wrapping cars, vans, and trucks for solar panel suppliers, restaurants, pet care experts, hotels and every kind of business you can imagine. It is cost-effective and can pay for itself within weeks rather than months or years.


Compared to full wraps that create amazing advertising independent of the color of your vehicles, partial wraps usually only work well with white-colored vehicles, or with a fleet, where the expense of a full wrap may be outside of your budget. With a full wrap, the visual impact is going to be greater since there is more surface area to communicate the message and display images of the product or service. The return on your wrap investment will be quicker over a longer period of time since the full wrap will last longer than a partial wrap, as fewer of the vinyl edges are exposed to dirt that may cause lifting. Wrap vinyl does not generally damage the paint when it is time to remove it to either sell the vehicle or to update the graphics with something new. Life expectancy typically depends on the frequency of washing and overall cleaning maintenance, but the average is 3-5 years. With every car wrap, you receive our Wrap Care document full of tips and advice.


Wraps are also used to enhance or customize the look and design of your car, SUV, bike, boat, or plane. With the cost of custom paint jobs often exceeding $10,000 and more, vehicle wraps are a reasonable alternative – and they protect the factory paint and are removable if you want to update the look again.


  1. Personal Service: Friendly, competent, fast, and always there for you
  2. Marketing Expertise: Consultation with our Marketing Expert (to make sure message and design connect with your target audience)
  3. Technical Advice on how the wrap works, how long it lasts, and maintenance requirements to get the longest lasting product
  4. Leading Design: Our Graphics Designers design your wrap (2-d or 3-d image, so you know how it will look before production)
  5. Qualified Installers: Experienced Wrap Installers with 3M and PDAA approvals will wrap your car in our climate-controlled, dust-free installation facility to ensure the material adheres properly to your vehicle
  6. Quality Control before you pick up your vehicle or fleet
Caliber Signs Irvine Vehicle Wraps
Caliber Signs Irvine Vehicle Wraps
Caliber Signs Irvine Vehicle Wraps