Wall Murals

Wall murals, also known as wall wraps, provide an opportunity to quickly change and update the look and feel of any room or office. As a result, these graphics have a tremendous impact on making any room more appealing. With advances in large format printing today, photo images and artwork can be printed even in large sizes and applied to a wall – like wallpaper. Furthermore, graphics may be floor to ceiling or optionally cut out in sticker or picture frame size, and are available for exterior as well as interior application.

Wall Murals Design & Installation

If you are looking for a specific look or design, the great news is that wall graphics are custom made. In other words, we can literally take your photos straight from a camera and process the image to a printer – with the help of our trusted Caliber Designers. Moreover, our design expert will proof and scale the print of the wall wrap to the size of the wall.

In addition, as part of our services, we offer color match re-production and we can match the mural material to suit the type of wall surface finish – to ensure your wall graphic stays on the wall over time. To complete your project, we will coordinate the installation of your custom wall graphic with our Installer.

Wall Murals Options

In conclusion, with large format wall graphics, you are only limited by your imagination – whatever your objective may be! If your goal is business branding or advertising, if you want to add scenic views or modern art to your office, promote team-building, or just want to bring the great outdoor landscapes to an inside room, Caliber Signs and Imaging is the perfect Wall Graphics Company to display your image.

 Wall Graphics Process

Please contact Caliber SI to ask about the following:

  • Types of art files needed
  • How to source art files
  • Recommended print vinyl material selection
  • Durability and lamination of Wall Wraps
  • Assistance with graphic design

Popular Wall Graphics Applications

  • Murals
  • Interior design
  • Conference rooms
  • Lobby/Reception areas
  • Construction sites
  • Building advertising
  • Doctor/Dentist waiting areas
  • Hospitals
  • Colleges
  • “Hall of Fame” corridors
  • Restaurants
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