Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Wall-Murals-Window-Wraps-6Frosted Glass

Frosted glass vinyl graphics create an etched glass effect that can be very distinctive. To ensure privacy of conference rooms, frosted glass vinyl film is opaque and limits the amount of light that can shine through.

Some of the more popular frosted glass options include:

  • Company logo – add your company logo to the front door of your retail location or office door.
  • Lettering – add frosted glass lettering to your door for a distinctive, refined look.
  • Privacy screens – place large bands of frosted glass vinyl to conference room window or other private areas for better privacy.

Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Wall-Murals-3There are many other applications for frosted glass. We can help you if you are unsure about how to use frosted glass for your business or facility. Our friendly professionals make recommendations that are specifically tailored to your business’s budget and goals. Contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free consultation.