COVID-19 Social Distancing Signs

COVID 19 Hygiene Informational Signs

The way California does business has changed. Business owners, management teams, and consumers are scrambling to discover the new normal. Ease into it with targeted Hygiene informational signs for COVID-19. Caliber Signs & Imaging will customize signage packages that inform the customer and reel in foot traffic. Many clients are asking us for testing area and screening signage to help stop the spread of the pandemic.

Informational Movable Signage Such as Snapper Stands or Post and Base Products

How will the customer interact differently with your brand? For many, there will now need to be a reminder to stand six feet apart. However, this is not the only message you might provide.

For example, remind shoppers that they need to wear a mask to enter your store. If your venue operates a temperature station, alert the visitor to its location and to the fact that their interaction with your company has to start there.

A favorite product is the chrome finish holder with a weighty circular base. Adjust the post to the height that is right for you. The frame itself accommodates an 8.5-inch by 11-inch sign, which we gladly customize for you. Of course, you might also opt

COVID 19 We are Open Sidewalk A Frame Signs

for a stand with a larger sign frame or one that lets you display multiple messages.

“We Are Open” Signs

Signal to the consumer that you are open for business. We recommend a standardized “We Are Open” sign in white, red, or blue. Some business clients have commissioned these vinyl stickers for their doors, as well as additional decals for window panels. Alternatively use sidewalk sign A-Frames to signal your message for offering special discounts, hours of operation, parking or any enticing message. These signs, as shown in the photo may be moved around to suit directional flow of vehicle or foot traffic.

Hygiene Signage

COVID 19 Safety Posters for Orange County CAEssential signage during the pandemic and when businesses reopen are hygiene signs. These are for employees and customers. They warn how to stop spreading germs, ways to prevent becoming infected, and how to wash hands properly. These vinyl signs can be placed easily where needed.

Flutter Flags and A-Frames Pinpoint Curbside Pickup Areas

Covid 19 Flags For Curbside Pickup AreasFor the business that will continue to provide curbside pickup for goods or food, we recommend signaling the way to the appropriate parking spot. It is an excellent way of getting your corporate persona out there while advertising a possible addition to your services menu.

Moreover, sidewalk signs also identify where lines begin. Because many business owners are now mindful of maintaining manageable crowds inside their venues to allow for social distancing, the consumer needs assistance with the area where the line will soon form.

Covid 19 A Frame Signs For Curbside Pickup AreasCaliber Signs & Imaging works with the business communities in and around Anaheim, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, Irvine, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, and Riverside. We offer speedy turnaround times but encourage our clients to place their orders soon!