Business Decals for Windows

Window wraps or window graphics are a cost-effective and attractive way to advertise your products and services.

There are several types of materials available to use. For example, opaque, clear and perforated are some popular options, to begin with. Opaque is used if you need the best possible image reproduction and it is okay to block the light into the building. Additionally, clear vinyl may be used if you need more of a subtle image and allow some light to pass through the window. Lastly, perforated vinyl is a one-way material that allows those inside a building to see outside. Although perforated, the window wraps still retain good imagery when seen from the outside of the glass.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Cost effective given the promotional value
  • Short term or long term materials available
  • Custom Window DecalsHigh resolution digital print imaging
  • Customized images to represent your business
  • Easy to remove
  • Offers privacy and security benefits
  • Acts as a sun block to reduce temperatures in the summer
  • Your best silent sales person!

In short, window wraps maximize your signage dollar with cost-effective advertising. Furthermore, the various options available suit any need you may have.  Therefore, whatever your need, the team at Caliber Signs & Imaging are here to help you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long a window wrap lasts depends on several factors. This includes the quality of the materials used, the installation process, exposure to sunlight, and more. High-quality vinyl wraps can typically last around 3 – 5 years, more with proper care and maintenance. Call us to learn more about window wraps today.

Definitely. However, you need to follow specific instructions to ensure your window wraps won’t get damaged from cleaning. This includes using mild soap and water and cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge. It is important to avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive materials that can damage or scratch your window wraps.

The length of time it takes to install window wraps varies depending on the size of the wrap, the complexity of the design, and the surface they are being installed. Smaller window wraps can take as little as less than an hour while larger projects can take even a full day to complete.

Yes, window wraps are removable. They are made to strongly adhere to window surfaces and still be removed without causing damage to your window space. Removing them, however, takes a bit of care to do. You may need to apply heat and use special tools to avoid damage or leaving adhesive residue.

Window wraps are designed to be temporary. They should not damage your glass windows when installed and removed by professionals. Proper care and maintenance will prevent any damage from happening. Also, leaving your wraps for an extended period can make them more difficult to remove, running the risk of damage.