Bronze plaques have been around for centuries. Today, these are made from aluminum or bronze. Made by pouring molten bronze into a mold of clay or handcrafted to the desired shape, and allowed to solidify, creating a rugged, single piece that can be finished and mounted to fit any purpose. There are up to sixteen finishing options, such as painting, oxidizing, and polishing.

Plaques can be used for just about any purpose. They add a classical look as an architectural feature. Some of the most common uses are:

For Accomplishments – Winners of championships or various other awards are given plaques to hang on their walls or to place on tables. These are timeless reminders of great accomplishments one has achieved.

Museums and Parks – You are likely familiar with the giant plaques found in parks that detail the historical significance of points of interest. In addition, these are a durable way to list the name and artist for works of art in museums or in any outdoor area. They can also be used to celebrate donor contributions or remembrance.

Recognizing Extraordinary Service – As a way to recognize exemplary service, people often receive these plaques after having served in a given field for many years. This is especially true in the military, corporations, police departments, and educational institutions. So that visitors can acknowledge what a person did, sometimes these plaques are found in museums underneath the portrait of a famous person.

Personalized – You can create a plaque for someone you admire or even for yourself. These are the ideal gift for family, colleagues, and friends. You can even install one on your house to add a touch of elegance and to show when the home was built.


Aluminium plaque by caliber