Lido Marina Village Water Front Sign

When considering a non-lit building sign to display your company’s brand and increase awareness for your business, non-illuminated outdoor building signs are a popular option. They increase visibility from the top or the side of a building. Furthermore, they are three dimensional so they are noticed by passing traffic. They are typically installed on first or second story level building walls, above front entrances or on parapets. 3-D non-lit building signs are available as custom-made signs in a variety of materials. Most importantly, they typically fall under the limitation and specification of a sign program, driven either by the city or the Landlord/Association. It means the sign may need a permit. To make the process easier for you, Caliber Signs & Imaging offers services to provide all the paperwork necessary to submit an application to the city. We can even obtain the permit for you.

Looking for ideas? the signs you see in our Gallery are a good representation of lit and non-lit building signs. Whether you are looking for a wall sign, business sign, or a retail sign, all of them require a city permit. In a rush to get your sign installed? Simply call your Caliber Outdoor Sign Expert.We will provide you with the information regarding time to obtain approvals, permit processing, and fabrication times.

Most Common Fabrication Materials


Acrylic face on sign foam 1” to 4” for individual logo and letters – most economical


Momeni Wall

Dimensional letters placed onto an aluminium panel – used if background images need to be printed as part of the logo or mounted to uneven surfaces.

Channel letters are very commonly used to make illuminated signs. In the non-lit version, aluminum sheets are fabricated into individual letters and logos without installing LEDs. The letters are installed with screws or stud mounted into the wall – often with spacers. These signs are more expensive than acrylic or dimensional letters but have an extended lifespan of 20+ years. They also offer the most dimension at 4-5 inches thickness for increased visibility.

What Is A Dimensional Letter?

A dimensional letter or logo is not flat, meaning it has a visible thickness. If made from solid PVC, acrylic or metal, the sign letters are individual pieces mounted directly to the building surface. The amount of dimension, thickness, or depth is related to the viewing distance and is either a recommendation made by your sign company or based on requirements of the sign program of your building or city.

Most Popular Types Of Sign Finishes:

Enterprise Automation Sign

Brushed aluminum/bronze/gold laminate – the best option when a high-end metallic look is preferred

Building Signs, Non-Lit

Acrylic face – a nice gloss finish available in many standard colors, edge-paint can match the face or be black


building sign

Painted – preferred choice when specific Pantone colors are required to match corporate branding

Back Bay Veterinary Hospital Sign

Vinyl and Digital Print – used when a specific graphical image needs to be duplicated