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Orange County parents feel ambivalent about sending children back to school during the COVID-19 emergency. Already, the school districts of Garden Grove, Irvine, Los Alamitos, and Santa Ana are making plans for a curriculum that includes distance learning. To help, we are now offering personal foldable desktop sneeze guards.

However, at some point, kids have to go back to school. Personal foldable sneeze guards can help protect learners from virus transmission while letting parents feel more comfortable with the children’s returns to the classroom.

Personal Foldable Desktop Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

Suitable for Daily Use in Schools and Other Learning Environments

  • Inexpensive. At around $50 each, personal foldable sneeze guards are less expensive than permanent acrylic barrier installations. Best of all, each guard can be assigned to a specific student, which minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Movable. The guards can move with children as they rotate through a variety of
    classrooms, libraries, and labs. Once again, this practice minimizes the possibility of cross-contamination.
  • Durable. Foldable sneeze guards are made of strengthened polypropylene. Some feature ribbing and carry handles (optional).
  • Affordable trifold sneeze guards for students in Orange County CAIdeal sizing. Measuring about 22” in width and 18” in height, the depth of 13.5” makes these guards ideal for a standard student desk. Put two next to each other for shared two-student desks that you typically find in elementary schools.

Portable Desk Sneeze Guards in Orange County CABeyond the Classroom

Does your student need tutoring? Are you worried about special education classrooms and learners with an IEP or 504 plans in place? The ease of transport and optional labeling of the tri-fold sneeze guards with a child’s name will assist teachers and others with keeping the right guard in place.

Also, personal foldable sneeze guards are excellent options for tutors, one-on-one teaching aides, school psychologists, nurses, and office workers. Everyone coming in contact with children will be protected from viruses while concurrently keeping the youngsters safe.

Personal Sneeze Guards for City Governments in Orange County CAAdaptable for Office Use

Of course, Orange County school district and parents alike are not the only ones interested in these inexpensive personal protection opportunities. Office workers, too, appreciate the chance to protect themselves from infection with more stylish versions of the private sneeze guards.

These tri-fold products feature a faux leather-bound framing that holds transparent PVC. Metal corners add weight for balance. Cleaning is a snap with a standard plastic cleaner and a soft cloth. In the alternative, you might use a mild detergent and water.

Sneeze Guards for Desks in Orange County CAWe’re Here to Help the Local Community

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