Our video gallery page contains time-lapse and other videos of various projects we’ve completed. We will continue to add videos to this page. Here are some videos of various installs or projects Caliber Signs has done throughout Irvine and Orange County.

Building Sign Installation

This time-lapse video captures the installation of the Royal Pacific logo on the top of their building. This installation required heavy crane work and successfully supports their branding and reputation.

Building Signage Logo Installation

This time-lapse video captures the installation of the USA Water Polo logo on the exterior of the building. The branding provided with this building sign logo reinforces the image USA  Water Polo has built.

Bus Wrap

Wrapping a bus requires tremendous detail and planning. This particular wrap took over 10 hours once the adhesive vinyl graphics were printed. Our team worked closely with the Disneyland design team and consulted them how to make the most of their bus wrap.

Exterior Building Signage

Part of Pacific World’s lease agreement with their landlord included building signage. As a result, we designed, created and installed the exterior building sign. This illuminated sign consisted of 36-inch letters individually mounted on a 60-foot wall using a boom lift reaching over 130 feet. The six-hour installation in Aliso Viejo can be seen very clearly at night.

Custom Project

When GAC Design called us to create their custom signage, we knew the project had to be perfect. Creating signage for designers pushed our own graphics team to create just the right image. We then fabricated the custom-made signage to meet GAC’s stringent requirements.

Car Wrap

This time-lapse video captures all the steps required to transform a standard white Ford into a powerful, mobile advertising billboard PBS used to promote their new line-up. The Caliber design team worked closely with PBS to ensure all the correct branding and messaging were accurate.

Logo Lobby Signs

This time-lapse video show two logo lobby signs we did for The Memorial Orthopaedic Surgical Group. One is an acrylic panel with a vinyl overlay. The other is a 3D  Letter logo lobby sign. Adding your logo to your lobby sign gives you double the branding power!