Storefront Signs In Irvine
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Staffing Agency Gets Lots of Attention with Storefront Signs in Irvine

Standing out in business parks, strip malls, and retail settings will be necessary for a company that plans on growth. Building signs make it possible. A case in point is Partners Personnel, which is having success with lighted storefront signs in Irvine. Here is what this looks like.

Attracting Qualified Workers with Illuminated Business Signs

A staffing agency thrives on the number of high-quality job applicants it can attract. To catch the eye of passersby and those considering a career change, building signs that pop can make the difference between engaging this individual with your brand and causing them to move on.

Partners LED Business Sign

The client knew that illumination significantly affects the ability to be seen. Because Caliber Signs & Imaging displays your brand to its greatest advantage, we designed a product that stands out day and night.

Storefront Signs In Irvine

Channel Letters are Ideal for Building Signs

The illuminated business signs selected for the storefront location are channel letters. We painted them to match the client’s corporate color palette. After installing high-quality, bright LEDs, we mounted the signage to the storefront. During the day, it is impossible to miss the blue and gray faces of the three-dimensional letters. After dark, they impress with bright white lights.

These letters are instrumental for the staffing agency to stand out from any surrounding businesses. Even if they are not in the same niche, it is critical that this company’s information is seen first before passersby and motorists even can glance at the other businesses and their details.

Storefront entrance vinyl signs

Secondary Business Signs Underscore the Brand Message of the Channel Letters

Besides building signage, our shop also designed, produced, and installed secondary signs. Having them work in tandem with the channel letters is an excellent method of reinforcing the branding. For this project, we fabricated an additional three signs.

  1. Lobby sign. Without a lobby sign, creating a complete brand impact on the interior is virtually impossible. This product is the first thing the consumer sees when walking in, which means it is suitable for repeating the corporate persona you have already featured on the building.
  2. Vinyl letters for the glass surfaces. Business clients typically rely on window graphics and lettering to expand on the building sign’s brand message. Examples include an emphasis on logo displays and information such as hours of operation and contact details.
  3. Sandwich board. Also known as an A-frame, this type of sign is ideal for featuring messages you want passersby to see. The client is informing prospective applicants that their staffing agency is hiring. Other companies use this signage solution to highlight a menu of services.

Partners Business Interior Wall Sign

Choosing the Right Storefront Signs In Irvine, CA

For this client, the combination of a building sign, lobby marker, window graphic, and A-frame was ideal. For your business, it might be a completely different setup. Because we fully customize the signage approach for each client, we welcome the opportunity to visit your location and discuss the project you had in mind. Call us today to schedule an appointment!