ADA Accessible Parking Signs in Costa Mesa CA

Experian Adds Exterior Directional Signage to Corporate Headquarters in Costa Mesa CA!

When Experian's California headquarters needed Vista office signs in Orange County, our sign shop handled the project. Recently, the company contacted us again to request assistance with the design, production, and installation of exterior directional…
Corporate Signs in Orange County Monument Signs

Do Your Corporate Signs Make an Impact? How We Can Help!

Caliber Signs & Imaging routinely works with OC businesses that need signage for brand-building or advertising. Some companies are entering the mobile marketing revolution. However, what happens when you need signage that focuses on your…
Outdoor Signs in Costa Mesa CA
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Royal Pacific Rebrands and Adds New Corporate Building Sign in Costa Mesa CA!

Located at 3070 Bristol Street in Suite 400, customers used to know Royal Pacific under the name Royal Pacific Funding. However, the wholesale mortgage company recently rebranded and shortened its name in the process. To ensure that customers…
Backlit lobby signs in Orange County CA
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Illuminated Interior Signs Offer Exceptional Opportunity for Corporate Branding in Orange County CA

Caliber Signs & Imaging is your go-to solution for illuminated interior signs in Orange County, CA. More and more business owners are discovering the unrivaled elegance and sophistication that lit signage brings to any interior. What are…
OC Title Building Sign
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10 Tips for buying a Building Sign

 There are many steps in a process to consider when buying a building sign, too many for a single article. Last month, we covered in detail the first 5 Tips and we here include the remaining 5 Tips in Part 2 of the article.6. …
Caliber Signs Irvine Office Signs

Defining Custom Signs In Irvine CA

When business owners and property managers need new signs for their facility, they often go online. You can usually get what seems like a pretty good deal on the Internet. Yet, you typically miss out on one of the biggest benefits of signs…
lobby sign

Essential Office Signs In Irvine CA

 If you decide to go on the Internet to do your shopping for office signs, there is a good chance you will find some great prices. However, when you cut corners with an online supplier, you are missing out on some important opportunities. For…
office sign

10 Tips For Great Sign Design, Including Vehicle Wraps!

What makes a great sign? It may seem like a lot of a sign’s success is left to chance, but nothing could be further from the truth. It takes a professional eye and years of experience to craft perfect signage. To help you understand this,…
building sign

Custom Signs For Your Irvine CA Business

 Every day, from morning to night, we are bombarded with ads. Due to overexposure, we are often times desensitized to a lot of the marketing we see. In fact, we do not even realize we are viewing advertisements much of the time. Nowadays, you…
wall sign

What Types Of Wall Signs Are Available For My Irvine Offices?

Once you have clients and other guests inside of your office, what is the best way to project your brand? You can try having an array of brochures and leaflets on hand. However, wall signs have an even more pronounced effect. There are several…
trade show display

Corporate Event Displays For Orange County CA

Many businesses are busy prepping for their annual corporate events. During the holiday season and the year’s end, companies like to plan big get-togethers to show their appreciation for their clients and workers. With the best corporate event…
Caliber Signs Irvine Fine Art Posters

Posters, Prints And Displays For Your Orange County Offices Or Events!

 Are you looking for a way to make the interior décor of your office really pop? Do you have an event coming up and want a tasteful way to promote it? Or, do you have an image that you would like to showcase like a piece of art? All of these…