Brick and Wood Faux Wall Murals

Have you seen the monument signs that we do? Many of them feature what looks like brickwork, lumber, or carefully arranged stone. It is actually an illusion. And now, we can put the same technology to work inside your office with faux textured lobby walls in Irvine, CA.

Understanding the Versatility of High-Density Molded Polymer

Faux Textured Lobby Walls in Irvine CA

Faux panels are ideally suited for a feature wall or an accent wall presentation inside your venue. In the past, you would have had to invest in heavy bricks, skilled labor, and turn your lobby space into a construction zone for several days or even weeks. This was an expensive process that produced typically good results.

Now, you can have the same fantastic look but at a fraction of the cost. With the ability to mold high-density polymer into any design that you want, it is easy to create the kind of accent wall that looks fantastic at your location.

FAux Wood Lobby Walls in Irvine CA

Wood panels. Enjoy the realistic look of wood paneling that features differences in color play as well as plenty of detailed displays. Unless you touch the wall, you will not be able to tell the difference.

Faux Stone Lobby Walls Orange County CA

Stacked stones. Envision an accent wall that features stacked river stones and similar rock ledge displays. You will notice that the style elements feature different shapes, sizes, and cuts. However, it is all an illusion. The realistic-looking rocks are a molded polymer. Even as you walk up close, you will not be able to tell that this wall is not rock.

Faux Brick Lobby Walls Orange County CA

Bricks. One of the most commonly requested displays consists of bricks. Some companies require red brickwork as a means of creating a rustic look inside an office or meeting room. Others select the sophisticated presentation of painted bricks that looks like you spend quite a bit of money on having a brick wall constructed, subsequently painted, and finished.

Typical Uses for Faux Textured Walls

Lobby Signs with Faux Brick Orange County CA

Our sign shop can make any type of faux panel for the lobby, conference room, patient areas, or corporate training venues. Besides that, we can create these panels as stand-alone accent walls that you could combine with a water feature for a unique lobby experience.

By the way, you do not have to limit yourself to the interior. It is also possible to put these panels on the exterior of your office building. Why not go for the gusto, and have our technicians create an indoor panel that mimics your monument sign’s design?

Budget Worries? Wall Wraps to the Rescue!

Vinyl Faux Walls in Orange County CA

Faux textured lobby walls in Irvine, CA, do not always have to consist of a molded polymer. If you have a vision for the ideal wood panel wall but do not have the budget to make it happen right now, consider the use of digitally printed vinyl. We create three-dimensional prints that are so real that you will have a difficult time telling a wall mural apart from a faux panel or a real wood panel wall. Yes, we can make it that realistic.

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