Wall Murals with Motivational Quotes in Irvine CA
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Insert Motivational Quotes from Famous Individuals into Your Wall Murals in Orange County CA!

Office art does not have to be expensive. In addition, dare we say it, it should not be cheesy. Unfortunately, many of the motivational office posters currently on the market fail to imbue your space with the style and pizzazz that your brand message needs. We offer a solution: Invest in budget-friendly wall murals with motivational quotes in Orange County, CA.

Murals vs. Posters

Wall Murals with Inspirational Quotes in Orange County CA

Murals, by definition, take up a large portion of the wall. It is not uncommon for them to cover the entirety of a focal wall. In contrast, a poster only covers a small space. It is easy for the message to get lost. Also, the limited size causes the lettering to be compressed. Therefore, it might look overwhelming in the space and could be challenging to read.

A mural gives you the advantage of developing a theme. In this way, you pair targeted graphics with the messages you want customers and employees to see. Most importantly, they quickly follow along with your message development, which results in a buy-in. Doing so is an excellent method of brand awareness building.

Choosing Your Images with Care

Wall Murals with Motivational Quotes in Irvine CA

What do you think of when putting together a motivational quote? For many, it is a thought that centers on teamwork or attitude with a graphic to match. However, a mural lets you go further and gives you the opportunity of adding a backdrop to the message that deepens its meaning.

For example, sports greats are always excellent choices when thinking about motivating or inspiring others. Not only do athletes overcome physical pain, but they also excel at a mental game. If this is the message that you want the customer to see, a whole-wall presentation is suitable. Other business clients have had excellent success with the addition of quotes from civil rights giants, authors, and musicians.

Putting Together an Excellent Mural

Vinyl Wall Quotes and Wall Murals in Orange County CA

We start with a design consultation. During this appointment, we discuss the mural’s goal, its preferred placement, and the sizing of the individual characters. If you already have images on hand, we will use them. If not, we assist you in finding them. At that time, we take great care not to use anything that a competitor in your niche might feature.

Our technicians also visit your location to undertake a site survey. This lets us do a wall adhesion test to ensure that the installation will happen without a problem. Most importantly, we take note of needed cutouts. These are the mural areas we have to remove to accommodate doorways, windows, light switches, and other items. Sometimes, this requires us to move some elements around or change the sizing of nearby pieces.

Next, we discuss the use of colors, fonts, and finishes. Many clients request a laminate that will protect the artwork from fingerprints and make occasional cleanups a snap. If you are concerned about vandalism, we can add an anti-graffiti coating that allows your staff to clean up permanent marker and spray paint, too.

Learn more about the design, production, and installation of wall murals with motivational quotes in Orange County, CA, by calling our team today!

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