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Making Interiors Pop: Wall Graphics In Orange County CA

In growing numbers, companies are finding that using wall graphics in Orange County, CA is an excellent way to transform the look of any environment. These days, businesses are replacing their nondescript framed office art and other boring décor options with full-color wall murals, graphics, decals, and digitally-printed wallpaper. This is due to the versatility and affordability of wall graphics. Today, we will examine how you can put your walls to good use with vinyl decals.



Wall graphics can improve the look of just about any blank wall area. We typically install these markers in the following areas:

Reception Areas – When customers first enter your facilities, do they have a way of telling if they are in the right place? You may want to install lobby wall graphics to boost your brand recognition if visitors have to ask where they are. In preschools and pediatric waiting rooms, these graphics can also put kids at ease.


Common Areas – Wall graphics are usually used in common areas, such as cafeterias or hallways. You can display inspirational photos, your company’s core values and mission statement, or share motivational quotes to brighten the spirits of employees.

making-interiors-pop-wall-graphics-in-orange-county-ca2Meeting Rooms – There is no better place to showcase your business’s history than in your conference and board rooms. A timeline graphic will cover the length of a wall in an especially long room. This will impress clients by demonstrating the humble beginnings from which your enterprise has grown.


When we say wall graphics can be used throughout your building, we’re not just blowing smoke. Even directional and wayfinding purposes can be served with this signage alternative. With vinyl graphics, you can show clients, guests, and workers where to go. From identifying restrooms to labeling different departments and suites, wall graphics can do it all. They are particularly helpful in a warehouse-style commercial atmosphere.

If you have an evacuation plan in place for your venue or you just want to show visitors where to go in an emergency, you can achieve these goals with emergency exit route graphics near exit doors, elevators, and stairwells. Then, guests will be able to easily location this information when the situation arises.



You may leave your boring, plain office at the end of one work day and come back the next to a beautiful interior décor that motivates workers. With wall graphics, this change is always possible. We are able to create any appearance you want. For instance, many restaurants are improving their dining experiences with wall murals.

In addition to being affordable, attractive, and limitlessly customizable, including perfectly matching your branding, wall graphics are easy to maintain and clean. They are perfect for busy areas since they are fabricated to withstand grime and dirt. You just need a wet cloth to clean them.

If you are ready to put wall graphics in Orange County, CA to work for you, contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free consultation.