Vinyl Glass Graphics for Conference Rooms in Irvine CA
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Zuum Adds Conference Room Glass Graphics and Concrete Floor Graphics in Irvine CA

Zuum Transportation works out of its offices at 18100 Von Karman Avenue. There, the online shipping management experts meet with customers, strategize on how to connect shippers with local drivers, and provide scalable as well as secure app operations. However, like so many other Irvine companies that operate in open-concept spaces, this firm also had to deal with the fishbowl effect the floor-to-ceiling glass walls of the conference room presented. As a result, the management team contacted us to design, produce, and install conference room glass graphics & concrete floor graphics in Irvine, CA.

Highly Customized Graphics Products Create a Unique, Brand-Centric Display that Wows

Conference Room Window Graphics in Irvine CA

Zuum had fantastic ideas for what they wanted to see on their glass walls. For starters, the product had to be completely customized, which would make it an eye-catching aspect of the firm’s brand conversation. Moreover, they wanted something that nobody else had. We were able to do both and our solution was an alternative to frosted type privacy vinyl.

Vinyl Glass Graphics for Conference Rooms in Irvine CA


We used clear vinyl to print the individual style elements. This results in semi-see-through graphics that allow for more visibility in areas of no or light print. Therefore, the pictures offer some privacy but enable people to see out of the room or look in. However, because the graphics pop due to the full-color print and gloss laminate, the eye is too busy taking them in, which allows for privacy.

Vinyl Floor Graphics in Irvine CA

We also treated the floor. Since the office features epoxy concrete floors, the graphics are slip-resistant and tie into the designs’ brand-building theme. You will notice how the conference room glass graphics and color graphics for concrete floors work together to underscore the unique nature of the brand’s appeal.

Color-Printed Privacy Vinyl Results in Great Corporate Office Graphics

Interior Office Window Graphics in Irvine CA

You are undoubtedly already familiar with the frosted and etched privacy graphics that are so common in Irvine and beyond. These products are sleek, suitable for virtually any space, and exceedingly budget-friendly. Moreover, the gray tones of the frosted vinyl are familiar to business owners and customers alike.

Not surprisingly, a company that focuses on color print and clear vinyl will stand out. By default, these signage products achieve the goal of having the customer do the double-take. Besides, the effect of these window graphics is one that is rivaled by office wall art.

Do You Want Outstanding Conference Room Glass Graphics & Concrete Floor Graphics in Irvine, CA?

Our graphic artist will gladly design the product for you. If you already have graphics and lettering you want us to use, we can integrate them into the product. If you still need help with an overall graphic setup design, we can help you from the ground up. We use the fonts and color palette you already favor, creating a brand-specific combination of images and photos.

We also handle the design of floor graphics. While concrete floors are excellent substrates for these products, vinyl is also suitable for installation on carpets. This is great news for clients who never thought it possible to brand with these types of signs.

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