World Map on Window with Frosted Vinyl
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Break Up Spaces, Brand and Add Privacy with Frosted Window Graphics in Orange County CA!

Today’s Southern California office spaces have one thing in common: plenty of glass! There are glass-enclosed conference rooms and glass walls that separate office spaces from other venues. From an aesthetic point of view, the presence of glass is favorable. It allows plenty of natural light to permeate a location. However, people have a bit of a harder time with this design. This is the reason why so many companies now commission frosted window graphics in Orange County, CA.

Geometric Shapes Enhance Privacy While Letting the Sunlight in, Too

Frosted Window Graphics in Orange County CA

Circles and straight lines work well together. They create an impressive design that easily takes over an entire wall surface. With our seamless design practices, we can take it over several glass panels and even factor in door frames and similar structures. This results in a whole wall presentation that is close to a glass mural in the design strategy. Even so, the spaces between the frosted areas allow for plenty of sunlight to enter the venue.

Logo Designs Offer Unique Branding Opportunities

Frosted glass windows Orange County CA

When you have glass walls but do not mind having consumers take a peek inside your establishment, consider whether the entirety of the walls is truly needed. For example, a restaurant could do well with obstructing the lower third of a whole window wall.

You only see the feet anyway. That said, do not make it all frosted. Instead, include etched repetitions of your logo that brand to passersby. For an office, add the frosted surface with the logo cutout to the middle third, where it obstructs the view inside.

Boost Privacy with Frosted Vinyl While Breaking up Space

Etched window graphics in Orange County CA

A floor-to-ceiling glass wall is becoming more common in today’s office setting. For people meeting in an office or conference room, one or more glass walls create a fishbowl effect. It is challenging to stay focused on the meeting when people are walking by and looking in.

Moreover, these types of glass walls do not allow for a lot of spatial definition. However, you can fix this problem with the application of frosted vinyl stripes to the middle third of the glass enclosure. Doing so provides privacy and adds definition to the space. Even so, you still allow natural light to flood the area.

Using Frosted Window Graphics to Beautify an Office Space

World Map on Window with Frosted Vinyl

Envision the installation of a frosted window graphic that showcases a map of the world with its unique regions. This design catches the attention of passersby, which diverts the interest from those inside the office or conference room.

Ordering Frosted Window Graphics in Orange County, CA

Frosted Windows in Orange County CA

How could we assist you with breaking up space, branding, or adding privacy with frosted window graphics at your location? Are you thinking of adding geometric shapes or something more realistic such as a world map? Maybe you are thinking of having frosted surfaces with etched out logos or corporate names.

We might even do something different altogether and imprint your corporate identity on the frosted vinyl itself. With colorful ink, the frosted vinyl takes on a completely different look. Contact us today to find out more!

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