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Upscale Lobby Signs For Newport Beach CA

upscale-lobby-signs1As a business owner, you want your reception area signs to be fashionable, modern, and to leave a lasting impression on your customers long after they have left your facilities. The trick is making sure that your lobby signs are representative of your organization, so you will leave the right impression. Fortunately, Caliber Signs & Imaging has been producing upscale lobby signs Newport Beach, CA remembers for several years now and can supply you with markers that fit your company culture.


We often get entrepreneurs calling us with a big and sometimes gaudy business sign idea. They believe that their message will get across better if they incorporate more copy, spend more money, have more creative designs, and throw together more colors. We are more than happy to offer these types of lobby signs, but we believe that when it comes to office signage, less is more. That is why we provide our clients with multiple alternatives to choose from before fabricating the marker that best matches their corporate image.



Did you know that the materials you choose for your lobby sign will have a huge impact on the visual message you convey? It’s true. Even if you use the same corporate logo and colors, an acrylic sign will project a different image than an aluminum marker. This makes your material choice crucial. Here are some common alternatives:

  • Acrylic – Acrylic is one of the most popular signage materials around these days. This is because of its durability, affordability, and the glossy appearance it conveys. Acrylic can perfectly mimic glass at a fraction of the cost. We can even incorporate LED lighting into acrylic signs for a cutting edge, upscale look.
  • Aluminum – Valued for its professional presentation, aluminum letters also last a long time and are cost effective. There are a variety of finishes, including polishing or brushing. To save money, aluminum laminate can be applied to sign foam or acrylic. And, backlighting will provide elegant feel to your lobby area.
  • Wood and Stone – Natural materials, such as stone or wood, are ideal for spas and alternative healers. They set the tone for relaxation. For those businesses with a little extra to spend and that want a timeless look, natural materials are a must.
  • Vinyl – Despite being one of the least expensive signage materials, vinyl lobby signs are still able to produce a sophisticated appearance. We typically adhere vinyl to other materials when intricate graphics are needed.



There are several different tricks we use to make lobby signs Newport Beach, CA consumers will notice. One involves the mounting method. We can install your reception area marker with spacers for extra dimensionality. Spotlighting and backlighting are alternatives that always make your lobby signage stand out, and with LED technology, you can do this without running up your electric bill.

At Caliber Signs & Graphics, we have experience creating opulent lobby signs for dozens of businesses in Southern California. If you are ready to showcase your enterprise’s dignified branding, contact our friendly experts today for a free consultation.