Backlit lobby signs in Orange County CA
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Illuminated Interior Signs Offer Exceptional Opportunity for Corporate Branding in Orange County CA

Caliber Signs & Imaging is your go-to solution for illuminated interior signs in Orange County, CA. More and more business owners are discovering the unrivaled elegance and sophistication that lit signage brings to any interior. What are…
Metal sign letters, irvine ca
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10 Tips For Buying a Lobby Sign

It is an understandable situation to be in; you’ve been assigned by your boss to find a sign company and buy a lobby sign but you don’t know where to start. Along with not knowing what questions to ask you will rely on guidance through the…
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Upscale Lobby Signs For Newport Beach CA

As a business owner, you want your reception area signs to be fashionable, modern, and to leave a lasting impression on your customers long after they have left your facilities. The trick is making sure that your lobby signs are representative…