Cool Vinyl Wrap Ideas Orange County CA

Vinyl Wrap Ideas for Orange County CA

Business owners routinely visit Caliber Signs & Imaging to request vinyl wraps for their trucks, vans, or cars. Companies know that mobile marketing is the way of the future. Besides that, they know that full or partial wraps are the ideal presentations for their advertising messages. However, did you know that we can also wrap other things? Here are some fun, cool, and unusual vinyl wrap ideas for Orange County CA businesses.

Vinyl Wraps for Branding, Short-Term Events, or Fun

The vinyl that our sign shop uses conforms to the shape of the item. It does not matter if you bring us a tabletop, piece of furniture, or something else altogether. Examples abound.

Refrigerator Vinyl Wraps Orange County CA

Refrigerators and Appliances. Are you using refrigerators or coolers in your business? Maybe you operate a convenience store or grocery outlet – co-brand with the manufacturer of the product you sell. Conversely, advertise the product to create brand awareness among your customers. The next time they have a hankering for a particular drink, they will head to your store.

Desktop wraps in Orange County CA

Tables and desks. Feature your corporate logo on tabletops, desktops, and any other furniture where customers might sit down. It is an excellent way of repeating your brand message tastefully. Most importantly, your logo and color play will fit in perfectly with the interior décor.

Vinyl Wraps for Appliances in Orange County CA

Dishwashers and mini fridges. Do not mar the interior décor you have with the utilitarian character of appliances. Mini fridges are present in most offices and restaurants. Dishwashers are also part of these environments. You can use the fronts and sides of these appliances for advertising your services, showing off your logo, or hinting at what you might be able to offer the client.

Vinyl Wraps for Pillars and Poles

Structural pillars. You cannot cut them down. Also, structural posts are sometimes in the oddest places. That said, you could turn them into bona fide advertising or wayfinding products. Depending on the size of the pillar, consider featuring a directory. For smaller posts, we recommend the display of specific wayfinding instructions.

Elevator Door Vinyl Wraps Orange County CA

Vinyl Wraps for Elevator Doors

Elevator doors. There is plenty of room for creativity when you wrap elevator doors. Advertise an incoming tenant in your office building. Maybe there will be a new mall tenant opening soon! This type of information looks fantastic on the doors that thousands of consumers stare at each day.

Office Door Vinyl Wraps

Office doors. Be as creative as you would like to be. Welcome customers with your corporate persona front and center on the door. Conversely, consider the presentation of an image that hints at the services or products you provide. In fact, services menus are becoming popular for Orange County office doors now.

Do You Need More Vinyl Wrap Ideas for Orange County CA Businesses?

Vinyl Window Wraps

Caliber Signs & Imaging serves the business communities in and around all of Orange County including Irvine, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Orange, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Newport Beach. Besides that, we also assist business owners nationwide with vinyl graphics and wrap services.

Our graphic artist will gladly schedule an appointment with you to sit down and design a wrap product for you. They are excellent for construction situations when you want to highlight the temporary nature of the mess or if you plan to brighten up the interior of your venue. Contact us today!

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