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A Look At “Unusual” Vinyl Wraps! We Can Wrap Almost Anything!

we-can-wrap-almost-anything1One of the most fun parts of being in the signage industry these days is seeing all of the interesting objects people want to have wrapped with vinyl graphics. We are living in exciting times as state of the art technology has allowed us to print just about any digital images on high quality vinyl. To show you what we are talking about, here are some of the more unusual vinyl wraps for Irvine, CA that we have created and installed.


we-can-wrap-almost-anything2We designed the dishwasher wraps pictured here for a CMS company to use at trade shows with the goal of boosting interest in their booth and bringing attention to what they had to offer. These dishwashers are industry grade and generally sold to hotels and restaurants. If you look closely, you can see how we were able to work with the different contours of the appliance to present a uniform appearance. We even wrapped the front handle of the dishwashers.


We provide a broad range of appliance vinyl wraps for Irvine, CA. If you have a booth at an upcoming event, trade show, or convention, take advantage of every square inch of your space by wrapping any appliances you may be using.



If you want to add a little character to an otherwise drab feature of most front yards, put mailbox wraps to work for you. To make sure the vinyl conforms nicely to the shape of the mailbox, we apply the same material we use for our vehicle wraps. And, to guard against fading caused by the sun, we laminate the vinyl with UV protection. You can we-can-wrap-almost-anything3expect your mailbox wrap to last for up to five years or more. We get the most requests for mailbox wraps from people who want an affordable gift for a friend, neighbor, or family member who has everything.



In addition to wrapping trucks, vans, cars, and even boats, Caliber Signs & Imaging is even known to wrap the occasional golf cart or electric cart. The one pictured is fairly souped up, but we can wrap even the most modest, barebones carts. Golf cart wraps for Irvine, CA are a must for RV park managers, golf course managers, or for those who just want to show off their personality.


If it has a fairly nonporous surface, we can apply vinyl wraps to it. These days, it is crucial that you build your brand awareness and utilize all of your available marketing space if you want to drive your sales. Vinyl graphics are an excellent, cost effective way to do this. No project is too big or too small for our friendly experts.

we-can-wrap-almost-anything4When you first contact us, we set up an initial consultation where we listen to your vision and goals and come up with recommendations that fit your company culture and budget. Once you are happy with the proofs, we print and install your new wrap.

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