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Top 5 Benefits Of Using High-Density Urethane Rather Than Wood Signs in Orange County, CA

Wood used to be one of the most popular materials to use for sign making. However, it is falling into disfavor. If you love the great look and ambiance that wood brings to a space, we can still accommodate you with high-density urethane signs in Orange County, CA. Here is why.

Sandblasted Sign Foam Newport Beach

What is High-Density Urethane?

Also known as HDU, this material is an entirely human-made elastomer. It is innovative because it mimics many of the qualities you love about wood, but without the downsides. The top five benefits of the material make this clear.

  1. Impact resistance. Despite being lightweight, the material is surprisingly tough. It can withstand abrasions and direct impacts without being damaged.
  2. Mildew resistant. Unlike wood, HDU is waterproof. Therefore, you know that it will not rot. Besides that, it will not encourage the growth of mildew or fungi.
  3. Suitable for harsh environments. Many OC clients request signage for venues that are close to the ocean. The material has to withstand sand and salt in the air and the frequent moisture. HDU can handle these conditions.
  4. Fully customizable. Because you do not have to worry about the structural integrity of wood, it is possible to create even the most intricate design with HDU. This is excellent news for the client with ornate logo displays or plenty of text.
  5. Paintable. Painting wood is a bit of a challenge. If the material is fresh, moisture inside may lead to the formation of bubbles and eventual peeling. HDU accepts paint and, as an artificial material, does not have internal moisture that gradually leaches out.

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Sandblasting HDU Results in Gorgeous Products

Most clients prefer sandblasting as the manufacturing method when making their signs. When we receive an order for this process, we design the specs, identify the areas that should display as three-dimensional elements, and then mask them off. Controlled sandblasting eats away the material but does not affect the masked regions. The result is a beautifully machined board with 3D letters and style elements.

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And, yes, we can create the illusion that the HDU board is made of wood. Doing so involves adding a grain structure, crafted wood knots, and clever painting techniques that round out the appearance. If you prefer not to have the presentation of a wood surface, we can also do a smooth surface or add different texturing in keeping with your brand message.

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The Most Popular Applications for HDU Signs

Exterior signs are excellent for HDU use. Examples include building signs, wayfinding boards, post and panel signs, and monuments. Besides that, you can place these signs inside, where they do a fantastic job integrating with the interior decor for a cohesive branding experience. Some clients love the artistry of designing and manufacturing high-density urethane signs in Orange County, CA, and choose to use them as wall art.

If we have piqued your interest in learning more about HDU signs, or you are ready to order a sandblasted sign today, we can help. Call us today to discuss your project!