Aluminum Tenant Monument Signs for Strip Malls in Orange County CA
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Durable Aluminum Post and Panel Tenant Signs Last Years in Shopping Centers in Orange County CA!

Shoppers want to see highly visible signage. They do not want to guess where their sandwich shop or favorite Asian cuisine can be found. However, some Orange County commercial property managers are not optimizing the visibility of their tenants. Could you benefit from the design, production, and installation of custom aluminum tenant signs for shopping centers in Orange County, CA?

Choosing Aluminum over Wood Construction

Aluminum tenant signs for shopping centers in Orange County CA

Southern California is a termite hot spot. Besides that, the intense sunshine and ocean air can result in premature weathering of some sign-making materials. Commercial property managers, who still rely on signs made of wood, frequently realize that the products begin to show signs of rot early on. Peeling paint and discoloration eventually set in.

In contrast, aluminum is the ideal material for OC signage displays. On average, these products last between 20 and 30 years. Termites cannot damage the metal, and the weather will not destroy it. Most importantly, the signs will look as good after the end of one decade as they will after two decades. This is the type of signage product you want to represent your property.

Select Unique Graphics, Custom Shapes, and Room for Growth

Aluminum Post and Panel Tenant Signs for Shopping Centers

Of course, there is still more to aluminum post and panel signs than meets the eye. Commercial property managers and real estate companies in charge of shopping centers and strip malls like the customization options.

  • Choose a shape. Aluminum post and panel signs can be as utilitarian or ornate as you would like them to look. Strip malls usually follow a standard design thread that we can replicate with metal boards and posts.
  • Match the color. Is there an overall brand color in place? Many management companies now choose to feature their own brand colors as the backdrops for the style elements. Our shop will customize the color play according to your specifications.
  • Value solution. Did you know that aluminum post and panel signs are quite budget-friendly? As a result, you can order multiple versions that we then install around the property. Doing so heightens the message visibility and advertising success.
  • Growth option. Right now, you might only have a limited number of tenants at your location. However, our technicians can design a sign that allows for the addition of future tenant panels. Typically, there are between one and four panels on each sign that can be removed and customized for a new or changing tenant.

A typical sign measures around six feet by six feet using three-inch posts with a panel size of 12 inches by 60 inches. Look closely at the example, and you will notice that we used laminated fluorescent vinyl to boost visibility at night. Standing out and assisting customers with wayfinding has never been easier.

How to Buy Custom Aluminum Tenant Signs for Shopping Centers in Orange County, CA

Shopping Center Tenant Signs for Property Managers in Orange County CA

Err on the side of heightened visibility to stand out among your competitors. When your tenants do well, there is far less movement and fewer vacancies. Our team can help you with planning, producing, and installing these site signs that attract attention and keep looking great for decades to come.

Connect with us today to discuss the sizing of the signage you are looking to add!

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