Refurbished Apartment Complex Signs in Orange County

Refurbished Apartment Complex Signs for Property Managers in Orange County CA

Village Property Management is in charge of the Breezewood Apartments in the OC. Recently, the property management firm invested in newly refurbished apartment complex signs in Orange County. In particular, the monument signs needed upgrades to underscore the quality of the living spaces it advertised.

Replacing Sandblasted Wood with Something Long-Lasting

A look at a monument sign before refurbishment

A look at the monument sign before it was revived!

The original signs were made from sandblasted wood. Sandblasted wood is a smart option for signs that identify boutique locations. However, the downside is that wood will eventually weather. This was the case with the monument sign’s panel. As you can see in the “before” photo, the wood had lost its coloring, the lettering was fading, and the phone number was becoming difficult to read.

Refurbished Apartment Complex Signs in Orange County

Refurbished apartment complex signs will help keep occupancy rates higher!

We worked with the client on the design of a more durable product. We recommended acrylic, because it is chic, long-lasting, and ideally suited for the residential and commercial property manager. Our technicians helped the client select a color palette from a wide variety of choices. Next, our technicians fabricated a gold-colored panel with three-dimensional lettering that is a lighter shade of gold. Moreover, we spelled out the phone number with 3D numerals in white.

Look closely, and you will notice that we also updated the mounting method. The original board was affixed to the columns. For the new setup, we constructed a beam that would let us suspend the panel from chains. It gives the sign a framed appearance, which adds to the great looks of the monument sign’s new appearance.

Is It Time for Refurbishing Your Company’s Existing Signs?

Why you need apartment office complex signs in Orange County CA

A blank exterior wall…

Our shop routinely works with property management companies that are looking for ways to freshen the appearances of their properties. Frequently, apartment complexes and condo communities have signage that worked well when it was first put into place. However, since then, the target demographic’s taste has changed. Color combinations that were considered elegant are now regarded as outdated.

A new office wall sign makes a big difference

…attracts new tenants!

If you find that you have some of these signs on your property, we can help you with an update. Monument signs and box cabinets are excellent candidates for this practice because the majority of the sign remains in place. In the case of a monument, we might only change the lettering, color palette, or material selection. For a box cabinet, we would update the facings. The other parts of the structure stay in place and undergo a good cleaning.

What Falls Under the Heading of Refurbishment?

Refresh your apartment complex monument sign in Orange County CA

You have seen the upgrades we made to the apartment community’s monument sign. It consisted of a panel upgrade and a new installation option. However, our technicians can frequently do additional upgrades. For example, if you have a sign structure that needs a fresh coat of paint, we can do that. Also, if you want to have your lighted signage retrofit with LEDs, we recommend doing it as part of the refurbishing project.

Whether you require refurbished apartment complex signs in Orange County, signs for property management companies in general, or a new signage design after a rebranding, we can help. When you connect with our sign shop today, we can set up a design appointment!

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