New Monument Signs in Irvine CA

Before and After Signage Restorations in Orange County CA – See These Amazing Pictures!

How many businesses have a great sign that just needs a little TLC? In some cases, the brand message has changed, and the sign needs to reflect this. In others, there is the need to freshen the look. Check out these before and after signage restorations in Orange County, CA.

An Apartment Community’s Management Team Boosts Curb Appeal


Monument sign refresh in Orange County CA

Before the refurbish

Monument Sign Refurbishing in Orange County CA

A very modern update!

One of the first signs prospective tenants see is the monument. The Foxborough Apartments had a couple of products in place, but the sun had done extensive damage to them. Additionally, the colors had faded, and no longer looked attractive and inviting.

We worked with the property management team to refurbish the signage by building on the existing structure’s foundation. We removed a panel and topper, clad both monuments with wooden slats that we treated for UV protection, and put together a new panel with a solid contemporary twist.

Incoming Business Saves Money with Refurbishing Existing Pylon

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The old tenant’s sign

refurbished double sided pylon sign in newport beach ca

A look at the restored pylon!

When Joe’s Crab Shack moved out, and GuacAmigos moved in, they could have dismantled the pylon sign. But rather than doing that, they worked with us to refurbish the sign, so it would advertise and brand their restaurant.

We dismantled the elements that belonged to the prior tenant. Next, we added a new transformer and painted the pole and cabinets. Finally, our technicians installed new facings for the two-sided pylon. The sign is now an excellent wayfinding product that markets well.

Navien Chooses to Refurbish or Replace after a Rebranding

Old Monument Sign for Navien

The old monument sign

New Monument Signs in Irvine CA

And a look at the new one!

When the company underwent a global image revision, the signs had to be adjusted to reflect the new logo display. The management group gave us the green light on retrofitting whatever we could save. It is interesting to note that the old signage had been so durable that it was no longer considered contemporary.

Navien was one of the cases when we had to do a complete signage switch-out rather than a refurbishing. You will notice that the before and after pictures show a comprehensive update of the firm’s corporate persona. When it is not possible to upgrade your existing signs, we will tell you before starting on the project.

The South Street Place Shopping Center Invites with a Contemporary Refurbishment

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A look at the worn pylon sign

Pylon Before and after signage restorations in Orange County CA

What a difference!

There are plenty of shopping malls and strip malls around. Some are older and beginning to show their ages. Forward-thinking property managers update the presentations of these locations with a current customer base in mind.

The sign at South Street Place was an excellent example. Faded colors, outdated designs, and peeling letters identified the companies doing business there. A look at the before and after signage restorations in Orange County, CA, shows the same structure with a stylish new color play, design details, and tenant panels. It completely changes the atmosphere of the location.

Now, look at your building signage, monument, and wayfinding products. Are they visually attractive, eye-catching, and accurate to your brand message? Are they in good shape, or are you noticing peeling, discoloration, or missing lights? Talk to our technicians to see if a sign refurbishing could be the easy solution!

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