Monument Sign Refurbishing in Orange County CA
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Refurbished Monument Sign for Apartment Community in Orange County is an Amazing Transformation!

Caliber Signs & Imaging specialists frequently work with business owners looking to save some money with refurbished monument signs in Orange County, CA. This type of project is budget-friendly, can significantly impact your property’s curb appeal, and allow for accurate branding. See how the Foxborough Apartments’ management team took advantage of this service we offer.

Change Curb Appeal with an Updated Monument Sign

Monument Sign Refurbishing in Orange County CA

Located at 501 East Katella Avenue, the Foxborough Apartments are a much sought after garden-style community near downtown Orange. In the past, the property management team advertised the location with a sign featuring gray and green colors. A panel displayed the location’s street number and the website address of the management team.

However, the sunshine had taken a toll on the panels. One was discolored. Another showed lettering with cracked paint. Moreover, the color scheme no longer fits in with the setting’s overall look and feel.

Monument sign refresh in Orange County CA

A look at the sign before the update.

When Caliber Signs & Imaging’s technicians accepted the project, we sketched out a new monument that would build on the existing structure. We dismantled the panel and topper of the outdated setup. Next, we clad the structures with wooden slats that we treated for maximum durability. From there, we focused on the design of a new panel.

Refurbished Monument Signs for Apartment Complexes in Orange county CA

What a difference monument sign refurbishing makes!

This board features a light gray color and is mounted with brushed aluminum standoffs. Our specialists then added three-dimensional letters to identify the name of the community and the website address. We ensured that landscape lighting was angled upward to illuminate the panels after dark. As necessary, our team worked on proper integration into the landscape.

Now, the monument signs fit in perfectly with the overall setting. Moreover, they display the branding with style and pizzazz while hinting at the contemporary layouts that prospective tenants might expect inside.

Are You Ready to Save Big with Refurbished Monument Signs in Orange County, CA?

Update Your Monument Sign in Orange County CA

Have you been looking at the outdated monument sitting on your property? Perhaps you have changed your brand message but have not yet updated this display. There is often no reason to tear down the structure and start over.

Caliber Signs & Imaging technicians can assist you.

  • Panel changes. Does your monument consist of a box cabinet? You can change the information with as little investment as a newly imprinted acrylic or polycarbonate board. For other panels, our technicians can design, produce, and install upgraded boards and facings.
  • LED retrofitting. If your illuminated monument is still using outdated bulb technology, you are paying more than you have to. With our LED retrofitting, we can bring the sign up to date and save you money on energy costs.
  • Material upgrades. What was chic two decades ago has probably lost its luster by now. See how we can upgrade bricks, stucco, or outdated style combinations with contemporary acrylic, brushed aluminum, and similar materials.

Caliber Signs & Imaging serves the business communities in and around Orange, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Newport Beach, CA. Call us at (949) 748-1070 today to get a quote!

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