Big Purple Dot Lobby Sign Schematic
What is the best way to let visitors to your office know they have found the right place? A friendly receptionist may be helpful, but chances are your receptionist is too busy performing other parts of her job to verbally greet all clients immediately upon entering. A more practical solution is lobby signs that not only invite customers in but also boost your branding. Big Purple Dot realized this and contacted the friendly experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging for 3D lobby signs in Irvine, CA.



Situated on Goddard in Irvine, Big Purple Dot is a customer relationship management business that specializes in the real estate market. Their main clients are home loan officers and real estate agents. They funnel leads from the big real estate websites to their customer’s phones for easy tracking. They also provide reporting tools that help their users determine which marketing campaigns are working and which need to be fine-tuned.

When an organization that provides such a valuable service for professionals came to us for logo lobby signs for Irvine, CA, we were more than happy to help. A former client of ours referred Big Purple Dot to us because we did such a great job for them. The owner had two requirements: we needed to use their distinctive logo, and he wanted “something different, something that stands out.” He called the right sign shop!


In their new office, Big Purple Dot built a beautiful partition wall with a pine parquet finish. They wanted their logo lobby sign installed on this wall. Their logo is all purple and features their name and a circle with a graphic that could be considered a house or an arrow representing upward growth.

custom-logo-lobby-sign-for-the-big-purple-dot2For projects like this one, we typically fabricate dimensional letters that are either stud mounted with spacers or attached flush to the wall. But, for this job, our innovative graphic designer Ken Jones came up with something different. By making two sets of letters, we created a shadow effect and depth. The first set is quarter inch PVC glued flat against the wall. The second set of letters is half inch acrylic spaced apart from the PVC letters by about three-fourths of an inch. The remarkable shadow effect of this sign simply is not possible with just a single set of letters.

In the end, Big Purple Dot was completely satisfied with the job we did.


The handsome, cutting edge lobby marker we produced for Big Purple Dot was ideal for their business since they bill themselves as being trendsetters. However, this is not necessarily the best option for other companies. When you come to Caliber Signs & Imaging for lobby signs, we listen to your vision and goals as well as get a feel for your company culture in order to make recommendations for markers that are ideal for you.

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