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Hanwha Q-cells Rebrands And Adds Glass-like Lobby Sign In Irvine

An increasingly common practice for big businesses is to reevaluate their corporate branding every couple years and introduce a rebranding. This keeps companies looking fresh and current. The changes with the new logo, colors, or fonts can be quite extensive. Some of the bigger challenges in updating a brand’s image is the company signage. Hanwha Q-Cells recognized this and contacted the friendly experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging for lobby signs for Irvine, CA.



The New Lobby Sign

For more than 60 years, Hanwha has played an important role in consistently supplying innovative products for a variety of industries. Today, it is one of the top businesses in South Korea and has over 125 global networks in three major sectors: finance, services and leisure, and manufacturing and construction. In 2012, Hanwha purchased Q-Cells, and recently, they shifted their branding as a result. One of their locations that needed to be updated was on Spectrum Center Drive in Irvine.

When such a successful enterprise contacted us for large office signs for Irvine, CA, we jumped at the chance to help out. Hanwha Q-Cells was once known as Hanwha Solar, and they still had the old, huge lobby sign. It consisted of an eight inch thick solid glass column that went from floor to ceiling. The company’s logo was cut out of frosted vinyl from the inside. The chamber with the vinyl was completely sealed, so replacing the signage created a unique challenge. This is why Hanwha called in the experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging.



Before the New Rebranded Sign

We had three ideas of how to tackle this project and presented all of them to Hanwha’s management team for consideration. They went with the design you see in the pictures. We wanted the reception area sign to resemble glass. To achieve this, we used a quarter-inch thick clear acrylic panel that measured 92” by 30”, just big enough to cover the old branding. Three-eighths inch and half inch flat cut acrylic letters were mounted to the panel.

Both the panel and letters were back painted to match the corporate colors. Back painting is an excellent technique because the glossiness offers a glass-like appearance and provides some depth to the acrylic. Once we had the new marker ready to go, we worked around Hanwha’s schedule to install their new sign at a time that worked well for them. In the end, they were completely satisfied.



A Proof of the New Lobby Sign!

We are not just sign makers. We are problem solvers. When you come to us for your rebranding or merger project, we perform a thorough site survey and come up with ways to make updating your signage more affordable and environmentally friendly by reusing the already existing signs. Our graphic designers can perfectly match your new colors and typeface to ensure your markers represent your new branding.

If you are interested in learning more about our process, including how we were able to hang such a large sign for Hanwha, please give us a call for a free consultation and quote!