Box Truck Wraps in Orange County CA
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Advertise Mile After Mile with Box Truck Graphics and Wraps in Orange County!

Vehicle wraps are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after advertising tools in the OC. It helps companies that spend some time on the road or at customers’ locations. Best of all, it is an inexpensive opportunity to have a marketing voice that is always on – even when your shop is closed. Take a look at recent examples of box truck graphics and wraps in Orange County, CA.

Case Study: Coast Floors Impresses with Box Truck Graphics

Truck Graphics in Orange County CA

Located at 18019 Sky Park Circle in Irvine, this commercial floor covering company wanted to take advantage of its large truck. However, rather than installing a wrap product, the client requested the design, production, and installation of decals. Our team accommodated the client with graphics that focus on the company’s corporate persona.

Truck Lettering in Orange County CA

Moreover, we added the firm’s niche explanation and website addresses. In the process, we had to cover some of the rivets that mark the truck’s sides. No problem! Most importantly, the logo presentation has a 3D quality that immediately attracts the eye. Brand-building here is no problem.

Case Study: Pacific Coast Termite Invites Brand Interactions with a Full Wrap

Box Truck Wraps in Orange County CA

Pacific Coast Termite is a repeat client. In the past, we already treated several vehicles that the company uses for visiting customers, picking up supplies, and transporting crews. This time around, we worked on a box truck wrap that amazes with several gradient color changes.

Fleet Wraps in Orange County CA

In addition to the company’s logo, this truck wrap displays examples of its services menu, contact details, and the offer of a free inspection. In this way, the colorful message is easy to see, no matter how crowded the OC freeways get. Additionally, the presence of several unusual style elements makes this a unique product.

Are You Thinking of Buying Box Truck Graphics and Wraps in Orange County, CA?

Box truck graphics and wraps in Orange County CA

Our team can help. No matter what your business does, our in-house design specialist will show you the ideal ways for featuring the details with vinyl. Moreover, we assist you with the selection of a graphics product that is right for you.

Options include lettering only, lettering and graphics, partial wraps, and full wraps. Some clients have also requested spot graphics that include images and letters to install on tailgates or vehicle roofs. In this way, full customization allows for brand-centric designs and budget-friendly productions.

Truck Decals in Orange county CA

That said, consider the add-ons. Many clients have had excellent success with the addition of imprinted perforated vinyl sheets that we install on rear windows or rear side windows. For the client with a full wrap, it allows a complete continuation of the message. For the client with only a lettering product at this time, it encourages the addition of eye-catching graphics.

Of course, we can always prepare three-dimensional prints that wow the eye. We can also use reflective vinyl that makes your wrapped car, truck, or van stand out after dark. While these are add-ons, we can also focus a wrap or graphics design on these products, including fleet graphics!

Connect with us today to see how we could customize a box truck graphics product – or any other vehicle wrap – for your business!

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