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Thinking Of Wrapping Your Box Trucks Or Trailers?

thinking-of-wrapping-your-box-trucks-or-trailers1Does your marketing budget drive you nuts? You must advertise your business if you want to be successful. However, there is no silver bullet for making the most of your marketing dollars, but we can come close. How? Caliber Signs & Imaging can help you boost your branding and drive sales with trailer wraps and graphics for Irvine, CA.


Box truck and trailer wraps offer more branding and advertising opportunities than any other type of vehicle on the road. This is due to their massive size making them more visible from far away and thus allowing them to gather more impressions. In addition, box trucks are usually on the road more than most other vehicles as they make thinking-of-wrapping-your-box-trucks-or-trailers2deliveries, travel to events, or make their way to jobsites.

Take a moment to look at some of the pictures of our handiwork. As you can see, box truck graphics come in several different varieties. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” solution. Some of our most requested options are:

thinking-of-wrapping-your-box-trucks-or-trailers3Full Trailer Wraps – The project we completed for Pawlished Pup is a perfect example of a full trailer wrap. We only use vinyl specifically designed for vehicle wraps from the top manufacturers in the world. This is a more expensive option, but as you can see, it makes a huge impact.

Partial Wraps – The GF and Hankook images demonstrate what we can do with partial wraps on a box truck and trailer. Take a closer look at the Hankook trailer. It looks like it is completely wrapped, right? Our graphic designers are able to work with the colors of your trailer to produce a partial wrap that looks like a full wrap at a fraction of the price.

Spot Graphics – Spot graphics are an inexpensive way to showcase your workmanship, products, and logo. This is nowhere more evident than on the GF trailer. You can see a good portion of the product line along with images that are evocative of what their products do.thinking-of-wrapping-your-box-trucks-or-trailers5

Vinyl Lettering – This is your most affordable option. Truck lettering is ideal for displaying your company’s name, information, and for listing products and services.

Combining Graphics and Lettering – Jerry’s Dogs is a great example of combining vinyl lettering and decals. We perfectly captured their logo to keep their branding consistent. We then used custom vinyl lettering for contact information.


thinking-of-wrapping-your-box-trucks-or-trailers4Jerry is known throughout Orange County and beyond for his delicious hot dogs. He often attends outdoor events and serves barbecue right out of his trailer. As he is doing this, his graphics are clearly visible to all of the attendees. Another tactic our clients use is parking their box truck wraps for Irvine, CA along the side of busy highways, so those who are stuck in traffic are exposed to their message.

thinking-of-wrapping-your-box-trucks-or-trailers6When it comes to vehicle graphics, the sky is the limit. Our friendly experts can work with your vision to come up with recommendations that fit your budget. If you are ready to put to use one of your biggest marketing tools, contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free consultation on box truck and trailer wraps.