Vehicle Wraps Increase Brand Name Recognition
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The Benefits of Vehicle Wraps: 7 Reasons Why You’ll See Business Revenues Rise!

Marketing experts around the country are telling you that there are unique benefits of vehicle wraps in Orange County, CA. Even so, you hesitate to invest in this signage product. However, you see that more and more competitors are getting in on the mobile marketing revolution. If you are still on the fence, here is what you should consider.

Understanding the Makeup of a Vehicle Wrap

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps in Orange County CA

Not all wraps are created equal. Instead, Caliber Signs & Imaging advocates complete customization of the product to meet your needs. For some business clients, this means a full wrap. This product covers the entirety of the vehicle’s exterior – except for the windows. Some will add perforated vinyl window covers to continue the advertising message.

7 Reasons to Use Vehicle Wraps

For other businesses, the design of a partial wrap is a better choice. It could cover one quarter, half, or three-quarters of the vehicle’s exterior. In these cases, we combine lettering with graphics and incorporate the car, truck, or van’s base color into the design. It is a great money-saving device.

The 7 Benefits of Vehicle Wraps in Orange County CA

Vehicle Wraps Increase Brand Name Recognition

With so many different options open to you, it makes sense to take a closer look at the benefits that the products provide for your business.

Orange County CA Vehicle Wraps

  1. Far reach. Studies show that advertisers are reaching out to drivers. Since many Americans spend plenty of time driving in their vehicles, it makes sense. Your company could be one of these advertisers that succeed in reaching 95 percent of the population.
  2. Customizable. Do you prefer high-contrast colors? Maybe you would like to consider reflective vinyl that makes your vehicle easy to see after dark. Our specialists customize each vehicle wrap with the client’s preferences and requirements in mind. This makes your company stand out and generate interest in the product or service.
  3. Inexpensive. Compare vehicle wrap marketing and branding with the cost of other advertising means. A typical newspaper ad costs about $20 to reach 1,000 consumers. In contrast, a vinyl wrap only costs four cents to reach the same number of potential customers.
  4. Controllable. A billboard has the disadvantage that you cannot control who sees it. As a result, even the best marketing campaign can fall flat when you do not reach the right consumer demographic. In contrast, a vehicle wrap lets you advertise to your customer base where they live, work, and play.
  5. Effective. The success of advertisements is measured by the number of impressions that they make. An impression is a consumer outreach. For a vehicle wrap, the average daily impression may be between 30,000 and 80,000, depending on your driving behavior.
  6. Memorable. Consumers have a 97% recall rate of a treated vehicle. This puts you ahead of the competition with the customer who sees your car, truck, or van with its custom message.
  7. Budget-friendly. We have already established that a vehicle wrap is less expensive than other advertising means. However, our team gladly also works with your targeted budget. A wrap is indeed suitable for any advertising budget.

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics in Orange County CA

Now that you know about the benefits of vehicle wraps in Orange County, CA, is it not time to see what your vehicle would look like wrapped? Caliber Signs & Imaging wants to help. Call (949) 748-1070 to schedule a design appointment today!

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