Sponsor and dedication walls in Orange County CA
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Your Lobby Is the Perfect Place for Sponsor and Dedication Walls in Orange County CA

Lobbies are the ideal venues for sponsor and dedication walls in Orange County, CA. Not only do you welcome the public to your location, but you also honor donors to your cause or organization. It is a perfect win-win that combines form with function. How could you make this setup work for your business?

Let Architecture Inspire You

Acrylic Panel sponsor walls

Donor walls can take a multitude of forms. Some business owners let their creativity shine. Others decide to take inspiration from the nature of the campaigns that they were running. Of course, one of the best ways of deciding on the look and feel of these honor walls is with the help of the surrounding architecture and interior décor.

Choose a Setup That Grows with Your Cause or Organization

Sponsor and dedication walls in Orange County CA

Because donor recognition walls typically display a large number of names, it is essential that the setup can grow with your organization. Some business clients have had excellent success with plaque displays that they can change out after undergoing future campaigns. Others decide to maintain the display of donor names even after multiple campaigns.

Since organizations and businesses opt for the display of sponsorship walls to show donor appreciation, it makes sense to maintain as much of the information as possible. Not only does it honor those individuals and businesses that made your last campaign possible, but it also encourages the involvement of new donors.

Examples of Excellent Honor Wall Displays That Motivate

Acrylic Panel Donor Walls in Orange County CA

Of course, you do not want to waste the resources you have on displays that fail to grow with your organization. Concurrently, the material you select should allow for a stylish celebration of the event.

An excellent example of what we mean is the donor wall that you see at the US Water Polo corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA. This setup focuses its attention on the Olympic movement and its incorporation of water polo. Therefore, the organization decided to list all the medal winners since 1924.

For a financially driven honor wall display, you have to go no further than the Newport Beach public library. It honors the contributions of all its donors over the years ever since the venue opened.

By the way, this type of presentation encourages donors to think about their legacies. Because the displays live on for years or even decades to come, they can inspire individuals and families to consider leaving planned gifts that benefit your organization for years to come. Not surprisingly, the lobby is the ideal place for this type of donor wall.

Commissioning Sponsor and Dedication Walls in Orange County, CA

Lobby Sponsor and Donor Walls in Orange County CA

Caliber Signs & Imaging in Irvine, CA, has a long history of working with local members of the business community to create the types of donor walls that make sense for their organizations. Moreover, our sign shop has been trusted for many years to provide you with elegant, sophisticated, and stylish signage displays. Contact us today to learn more about your options!

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