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You Can Do A Lot With Franchise Window Graphics!

When you own a franchise, you know there is more to driving sales than just making sure you have top quality products and services. Of course, this is important, but it is much more crucial that you market your brand. In fact, your success depends upon this. Whether they are in food service, auto repair, education, wellness, or other options, savvy franchisees are using a significant proportion of their marketing budget for setting their brand apart in competitive industries.

Sure, businesses know to install a building sign, a blade sign, monument signs, or space on a marquee as part of marketing their location. But, what about the windows? Smart business owners are putting their storefronts to work for them with franchise window graphics for Irvine, CA.


You are likely familiar with the Nike Swoosh or the Golden Arches. Your logo is key to building your brand. That is why it should appear on all of your marketing materials, including your windows. We can take the artwork that the corporate office has sent you and digitally print it on durable vinyl for installation at your venue.


As you can see from the above photo, we printed this franchise’s logo on vinyl window perf. This allows people on the outside to see the corporate message while still allowing natural light in and letting people look outside. Perforated vinyl is also great for adding a level of privacy to any area surrounded by windows.



Potential clients are not always going to pass by your shop when you are open. Let them know when they can reach you with decals featuring your hours of operation. These outline the times and days that you are available. In addition, with cut vinyl lettering, we can add your contact information, such as your phone number and web address. That is exactly what we did in Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Wall-Murals-Window-Wraps-24the image above.



Vinyl lettering and cut vinyl graphics are also ideal for highlighting the services you provide. With vibrant, sharp images, you can showcase your products or services. Or, you can say it with words. In the above photo, you can see the list of issues this franchise resolves or improves in children. Potential customers know exactly what is available.


There is virtually limitless potential for you to market your enterprise with franchise window graphics for Irvine, CA. For best-uses-for-window-lettering-in-irvine-ca1instance, your store windows are not the only place where you can build your brand with vinyl decals. We can also apply them to your work trucks and other company vehicles. Vehicle window perf installed on your rear window will allow your drivers to still see out while spreading your message to motorists stuck in traffic.

Do you need franchise window graphics to help boost your sales? We can take the artwork you receive from your franchisor and use it to produce full color signage for your business. Contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free consultation and quote.