Vista Systems Signs for Rooms in Orange County CA

What Are My Choices for Room Signs from Vista Systems | Plus a FREE Nova Sign Sample!

Caliber is a Vista Signs AmbassadorDid you know that Caliber Signs & Imaging is a Certified Ambassador for Vista System? It is one of the reasons why we can give away a FREE Nova sign sample! If you have not yet heard about this family of products, we would like to introduce you to room signs from Vista Systems in Orange County, CA.

What is the Vista System?

Vista System is a producer of high-quality wayfinding signs. There are products for the parking lot, the lobby, and the cubicle. Moreover, there are different designs that look great no matter what line of business you are in. Lastly, Vista offers signage that can be placed on tables, pylons, or suspended from the ceiling – among other options.

Choosing a Signage Display That Works for Your Unique Location

room signs from Vista Systems in Orange County CA

Are you looking for wayfinding signs that could be extensions of your building’s architectural design? Maybe you are more interested in finding a presentation that mimics the curvatures or straight lines of your brand’s logo.

Select from one of the four Vista families of designs to meet your needs.

Vista System Classic Room Signs in Orange County CA

Vista Basic. With its wide variety of sets for both indoor and outdoor usage, the Vista System product family provides an infinite number of configurations and sizes. Vista products easily adapt to every space and project need, including ADA requirements, and enable a smooth, uniform look throughout your entire project.

Vista Systems Square Room Signs

Square. For the business owner who likes fresh-looking wall frames with a flat appeal, the Square line is ideal. These signs can be installed in corners, as directories, or as wall frames with changeable inserts. As always, they are suitable for ADA adaptation. Because you can use various materials, it is easy to create impressive designs with polycarbonate, vinyl, and aluminum board.

Vista Systems Nova Room Signs in Irvine CA 1

Nova. A personal favorite is the Nova line that offers curvatures. The products are refined and elegant. Imagine what your information would look like embossed or printed on photo metal. Once again, you can select from a wide variety of signs that include ceiling-suspended and flag products. We offer a FREE sign from this line to our clients.

Vista Systems Sharp Room Signs

Sharp. As the name implies, the Sharp line opens the door to a stylish product that focuses on clean lines. Pick two or four-sided extrusion products or choose a landscape orientation as opposed to a portrait setting. The frameless approach is perfect for an avant-garde environment. Best of all, many of the products can be double-sided.

How to Buy Your Next Set of Room Signs from Vista Systems in Orange County, CA

Caliber Signs & Imaging is your full-service sign shop that gladly assists with all aspects of the project. Do you already know which Vista line of products is right for you? Maybe you have a product setup in mind but are unsure whether it will fit in with the signs that you already have in place.

We gladly visit your location for a site survey. Doing so is advantageous when you want input on where to place the signs and how many you may need for adequate coverage. If you are not quite ready to commit to any of the styles, visit our shop and sit down with the graphic artist.

We can show you how your signage would look in any of the various styles. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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