Vista Office Signs in Orange County CA

The Versatility of Vista Office Signs in Orange County CA!

Our commercial sign company works with a broad range of top material suppliers. Doing so enables us to provide clients with state-of-the-art designs and products. Cases in point are Vista office signs in Orange County, CA. They are among some of the signage setups we rely on to create large-volume, identical displays that come in on budget and time.

Case Study: Experian’s California Headquarters Welcomes a Signage Upgrade

Vista Office Wayfinding Signs in Orange County CA

Located at 475 Anton Boulevard in Costa Mesa, Experian is one of the most visible names on SoCal’s list of businesses. As a Fortune 500 company, its space is used for customer consultations as well as employee activities. When the firm contracted with our shop to provide 750 customized sign products, our technicians incorporated the Vista brand into the bid for the project.

Vista Room ID and Suite Signs in Orange County CA

The client selected wayfinding signs, room descriptions, and cubicle numerals that would feature an extruded aluminum frame in various sizes and styles. You will notice the high-end look that is distinguished by the curved design of the products. These frames come with non-glare lenses, making the individual elements suitable for the addition of ADA lettering and Braille II dots.

Vista Cubicle Signs in Orange County CA

Custom Clips for Cubicle Signs in Orange County CA

Because it is so easy to change out the lens, the client can make changes down the road by inserting card stock or even paper imprinted with an office or cubicle occupant’s name. Our sign shop routinely uses these types of signs to add printed names as well as corporate logos and colors. Moreover, our technicians provide installation services.

Look closely, and you are bound to notice the addition of a custom clip type that we made to hang snug under the framing of the employee work station signage. In this way, they would stay on securely but remain movable. Other installation options include adhesion to standard walls or glass surfaces.

Who Benefits from Vista Products?

Vista Office Signs in Orange County CA

When you need a large number of identical signs quickly, you cannot go wrong with the Vista designs. Because they allow for extensive customization, they are at the top of the list for businesses that do not want to limit their branding and marketing abilities with the products they mount to their walls.

Vista Office EVAC Signs in Orange County CA

Moreover, these signs work well for signage setups in public areas. Examples include directional signs, evacuation markers, and egress signs. Because they are easy to clean and maintain, these signs are always clearly visible and suitable for touching. Most importantly, when uniformity of the signage product over several floors or within a building is paramount, the Vista brand sign frame delivers.

These advantages make them common requests of property managers, building owners, and large company managers.

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How could a signage overhaul with Vista sign frames change the look and feel of your space? Similarly, how could you feature your brand message differently by relying on these signage solutions during your next upgrade?

Our sign team will gladly help you discover the advantages of using the signs in your space. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation!

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