Wall murals for grocery stores in Orange County CA

Wall Murals at Goodwin’s Organics Encourage Customers to Eat Healthy in Orange County!

Goodwin’s Organic Food & Drinks has discovered the power of imprinted vinyl. In the past, Caliber Signs & Imaging showcased this retailer as a case study for the perfect use of colorful retail storefront window graphics. They did such an excellent job at boosting foot traffic that the company asked us to come back and add wall murals for grocery stores in Orange County, CA.

Budget-Friendly, Targeted Brand Building Invites Customers to Be Part of Something Bigger

Wall Murals to Promote Healthy Eating in Orange County CA

The company draws in customers with its eye-catching window graphics that focus passersby’s attention on healthy living and nutrient-rich foods. Once inside, new wall graphics invite the shopper to become part of the Goodwin story. Some pictures focus on the business’ history.

Wall murals for grocery stores in Orange County CA

Others underscore the power of healthy eating and selecting organic fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the colorful wall treatments help customers embark on healthier eating, whether as vegans, vegetarians, or keto-centric dieters. The combination of photos, graphics, and word walls succeeds at creating an urgency that quickly turns shoppers into buyers.

Retail Wall Graphics, Murals, and Customized Wallpapers Impress Customers

Grocery Store Wall Murals in Orange County CA

In addition to being budget-friendly and fully customizable, these wall murals also have the power to integrate easily into your displays or go along with sales collateral.

Wall Murals for Grocers in Irvine CA

  • Co-branding. Do you represent a famous brand that brings shoppers to your store? We recommend connecting your brand message to theirs. In this way, the customer develops brand awareness and knows to visit your location whenever they want to buy another product from that particular manufacturer.
  • Mood development. Ambiance sells products. However, what do you do when the forest, cruise ship, or beach is not readily available? Easy! Transform the wall that holds your products into a shelf set in a space that helps your customers picture themselves using the products in the right setting. Our technicians work with you to measure the wall and adjust graphic displays for cutouts and furnishings.
  • Customer education. What do your customers know about the products you are selling? Are they high-quality, high-end consumer goods that they might not buy very often? Turn a focal wall into a word wall that helps the shopper understand the advantages of the products you offer.

Caliber Signs & Imaging Designs, Produces and Installs Wall Murals for Grocery Stores in Orange County, CA

Window Graphics for Grocery Store Cafes in Orange County CA

How could your retail space benefit from the addition of fully customized wall graphics, wraps, or printed wallpaper? Have you been thinking of treating every wall or just a couple of them? Do you have window graphics that you want to integrate into your advertising efforts? Most importantly, how can imprinted vinyl assist your business with growing the reach of its brand?

We recommend discussing your goals for the products with our in-house graphic artist. This specialist helps you take advantage of architectural details and incorporate brand colors whenever possible. Besides that, they help you create a way to integrate wall murals with window wraps, graphics, and already existing point-of-sale signs.

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