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Using Metal Plaques For Exterior Building Signs In Orange County CA

We have it pretty nice here in Orange County. For the most part, the weather is mild all year-round. Sure, we have that pesky wet month, and it occasionally heats up, but for the most part, we live in a pretty beautiful climate. As sign makers, this gives us a number of different material options to offer since we don’t have to worry about the elements destroying our creations. Yet, sometimes companies want signage that will last them for generations.

This was the case for The Christopher Collection and Douk & Co. Fortunately, they contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging for metal plaques for exterior building signs in Orange County, CA.



Located in Westminster, The Christopher Collection is a project of Christopher Homes. Christopher Homes is a notable private homebuilder that is respected and renowned for building expertly designed homes in coveted locations. They have built over 15,000 new homes in the last four decades. The Christopher Collection is made up of mostly four-bedroom, three-bath homes that start at $800,000.

When a business that is so dedicated to producing such lovely homes for the area came to us for metal plaques for exterior building signs in Orange County, CA, we were more than happy to help out. Christopher Homes wanted a marker that would project longevity and tradition. We had just the solution.


Our first step was to listen closely to what the client had in mind for the project. Then, based on their vision and budget, we came up with a number of design ideas for them. Once they approved of the art proofs of their preferred signage option, we got down to work. For their marker, we used cast bronze because it offers a distinguished look and will last for decades or even centuries. We then installed the sign, which was not an easy task since it weighs so much. In the end, Christopher Homes was completely satisfied with their new signage.



Douk & Co. is a completely unrelated company that is just starting out and does not yet have an online presence. We produced a metal plaque for them as well. In certain industries, the more well-established businesses have a clear advantage. Therefore, when you are just starting out in these industries, your best chance for success is to make it appear as if you have been around for a while without outright lying. No one likes dishonesty.

By using a cast aluminum plaque, Douk & Co. gives off the appearance that they have been in business for a while and that they will continue to be there for many years to come. As you can see, we were able to perfectly capture the intricacies of their logo and incorporate it into their marker. They were thrilled with the work we did.

If you need exterior signage that is built to last, contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free consultation on metal plaques.