Exterior building signs are often the first impression that potential customers have of your business. Therefore, make sure the signs are distinctive and memorable. Furthermore, exterior building signs act as a form of permanent advertisement creating endless impressions and a perpetual return on investment.

Exterior building signs come in different types of signs including Non-Lit, LED-Lit, Monument Signs, Directory Signs. Other examples include Post/Panel Signs, Site Signs, Sandblasted Signs, Plaques, Window Wraps, Storefront Signs.

These signs are important in helping potential customers find the business from the street or sidewalk, as in the case for monument signs and LED or Non-LED lit versions. Directory signs can also help customers navigate around the business park to find a location. Window wraps are useful to announce promotions or grand openings. Plaques are useful to commemorate an event or person.

Let our highly trained staff help design the best solution for your needs to maximize impact and highest return on your investment.

Tips on How to Buy an Exterior Sign in Orange County CA

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3D Letter And Logo Building Sign For Security Manufacturing Firm In Irvine CA

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